Stuffed Toppl- Frozen Egg & other Meal Prep Items

October 25, 2021

stuffed toppl enrichment for raw fed dogs


🥚 Guinea Fowl Egg
🐖 Pork Loin
🐟 Sardine
🐝 Bee Pollen
⚫️ Blackberries
🥒 Cucumber

large toppl, raw sardine raw feeding miami, blackberries, bee pollen, pork loin, guinea fowl egg, cucumber slices
close up photo or raw sardine, pork loin, blackberries
close up photo of raw pork loin, blackberries, guinea fowl egg, bee pollen

🇧🇷 Ovo de galinha da guiné, Lombo de porco, Sardinha, Pólen de abelha, Amora silvestre, Pepino

🇫🇷 Œuf de pintade, Longe de porc, Sardine, Pollen d'abeille, Mûres, Concombre

🇪🇸 Huevo de gallina de guinea, Lomo de cerdo, Sardina, Polen de abeja, Moras, Pepino


⚠️ This is NOT a balanced meal. While the boys’ meals are balanced following NRC guidelines, certain cuts & supplements from their daily meal were used to create a fun, eye catching presentation. The remaining portion of the balanced meal will be fed later in the day!

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