Stuffed Toppl- Enrichment Idea for a Raw Fed Dog

October 5, 2021

making a toppl for my dog using raw meat, fruits & vegetables from his daily balanced meal


🐄 Beef Chuck
🦬 Ground Bison
🦃 Turkey Heart
🟠 Butternut Squash (boiled)
🥚 Quail Egg
🫐 Blueberries

This is how I usually make stuffed toppls for my dogs- using cuts of meat & vegetables/fruits from their daily meal!

Once I have my toppl nice & overflowing (lol), I like to freeze it for an extra challenge during meal time. These frozen stuffed toppls are perfect for after training or outdoor activities.

And incase you were wondering, cleanup is a breeze. The boys usually lick them spotless, but I can easily hand wash the toppls or I sometimes throw them in my dishwasher. Toppls are BPA & Latex Free and they are also dishwasher safe!

Watch until the end- I snuck in a picture of what the half-eaten top portion of frozen meat, fruit & egg look like!

⚠️ This is NOT a balanced meal. While the boys’ meals are balanced following NRC guidelines, certain items from their daily meal were used to make this fun treat. The remaining portion of the balanced meal will be fed later in the day!

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