July 2021 Meal Prep

October 14, 2021

NRC Balanced Meals for an Adult Dog


🐓 Chicken Wing
🐄 Beef Chuck
👅 Beef Tongue
🫁 Beef Lungs
🐮 Beef Kidney
🐑 Lamb Liver
🫀Lamb Heart
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🥬 Spinach (boiled)
💊 Supplements to be added w/ daily meals to balance to NRC recommended allowances

raw feeding miami beef lung, lamb liver, lamb heart, mussels
chicken wings, raw feeding miami, whiteoak pastures, beef tongue, beef lung, lamb liver, lamb heart
close up photo of cooked spinach and frozen meat

⏱ Prepping 18 days worth of food for 33lb Nolo, took me about 25 mins

💰 In total, it cost $41.66

‼️ Price does not include tax or cost of supplements!

🐮 Most Expensive cut this month: Beef Tongue $13.02

🐄 Least Expensive: Beef Kidney $0.59

⚖️ My boys are fed based on kcal requirements & meeting NRC RAs, not based on total weight of meats. I do not follow a ratio diet.

super cute tongue out photo of a cute white dog staring at all his food
cute fluffy white dog sits pretty next to counter full of food
sassy poodle watches mom meal prep
cute white aussiedoole with tongue out, begging for a taste of chicken
fluffy white dog sniffing chicken and raw meat
cute white poodle watches mom meal prep

🇧🇷 Preparar comida no valor de 18 dias para meu cachorro de 33 libras levou 25 minutos e custou $41,66. O item mais caro era a língua de boi $13,02 e o mais barato era o rim de boi $0,59.

🇫🇷 Préparer 18 jours de nourriture pour mon chien de 33 livres a pris 25 minutes et a coûté 41,66$. L'article le plus cher était la langue de bœuf 13,02$ et le moins cher était le rognon de bœuf 0,59$.

🇪🇸 Preparar 18 días de comida para mi perro de 33 libras tomó 25 minutos y costó $41.66. El artículo más caro fue la lengua de res $13.02 y el menos costoso fue el riñón de res $0.59.


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