A Drugstore Dupe for Clinique's Moisture Surge

January 30, 2018

If you looked at my skincare cabinet a few years ago, you would find loads of product, all from varying brands; but if you were to take a peak into my cabinet today, you would find a much smaller assortment of skincare goodies. 

Because I have such finicky skin, I've found that the simpler the ingredients list, the more likely it is for my skin to respond positively to a product. And like many, I have had my phase of trying any and every new product, both drugstore and high end, to try to combat whatever skin issues I was dealing with at the moment. What I eventually came to discover was the simpler I kept my routine, the better off my skin was. 

I have such sensitive skin, so most products tend to be irritating and cause me to breakout. So when I came across the Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser a few years ago, I was beyond thrilled that it did not irritate my skin. Moisture Surge has been my go-to nighttime moisturiser for 2 years now because it is so lightweight and keeps my skin hydrated all night long. I also love the gel-creme texture because when applied to a clean face, it feels so refreshing and plumps the skin, leaving it soft to the touch (if you couldn't already tell, I lavvvvv this moisturiser).

Since the weather has shifted dramatically where I live, my typically oily canvas has now dried up. My skin has been feeling tighter and looking visibly dull and dry, so I have been layering creams in hopes of keeping my skin hydrated and plump. And because I usually stick to a very simple skincare routine, my Moisture Surge has been my stand alone nighttime hydrator for such a long a time...that is, until now. 

Because I have been loving Simple's new Water Boost range (the Hydrating Booster & Gel Face Wash are wonderful) I was obviously intrigued when I saw that they launched a few more products, expanding the Water Boost family. I picked up the Skin Quench Sleeping Cream because I thought this would be the perfect time to try out a new hydrating product to help revive my skin this winter. And I had no reservations in regards to my sensitivity because I have never had a reaction from a single Simple product (they truly are the sensitive skin experts).

When I got around to opening up this little guy, my immediate thought was, "Oh this kind of looks like my Moisture Surge." Both moisturisers have the same gel-creme feel, and after having tried the Sleeping Cream for a few weeks now, both essentially perform the same in my opinion. I would say the Sleeping Cream is a bit thinner in consistency, but it is part of the WATER Boost range, as opposed to Clinique's Moisture Surge feeling a bit more lush. 

Both moisturisers are fabulous in my opinion, but when you break it down, you are essentially choosing between a 50ml, $13 cream vs. a 50ml, $39 cream. In my opinion, if you are simply looking for basic hydration, why not just pick up the Simple Sleeping Cream; you save $26 for the same amount of product and from my experience, both moisturisers have an extremely similar consistency and perform just about the same. 

I don't know about you, but I think I've just found a new nighttime moisturiser! Do let me know your thoughts if you have tried either of these products!


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