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October 8, 2021

bowl of bone broth, steamed oysters, raw beef liver rolled into a rose, steamed mussels, boiled brussels sprouts, raw atlantic mackerel, bee pollen for raw fed dog


🦴 Bone Broth
🐄 Beef Liver
🐝 Bee Pollen
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🐟 Atlantic Mackerel
🦪 Oysters (steamed)
🥬 Brussels Sprouts (boiled)

close up HD photo of steam oysters, raw beef liver rose, bee pollen, bone broth
close up HD photo of steamed oysters, bone broth, mackerel, bee pollen

🇧🇷 Caldo de osso, Bife de fígado, Pólen de abelha, Mexilhões (cozidos no vapor), Cavala do Atlântico, Ostras (cozidas no vapor), Couves de Bruxelas (cozidas)

🇫🇷 Bouillon d'os, Foie de bœuf, Pollen d'abeille, Moules (à la vapeur), Maquereau de l'Atlantique, Huîtres (à la vapeur), Choux de Bruxelles (bouillis)

🇪🇸 Caldo de hueso, Hígado de res, Polen de abeja, Mejillones (al vapor), Caballa del Atlántico, Ostras (al vapor), Coles de Bruselas (hervidas)


⚠️ This is NOT a balanced meal. While the boys’ meals are balanced following NRC guidelines, certain cuts & supplements from their daily meal were used to create a fun, eye catching presentation. The remaining portion of the balanced meal will be fed later in the day! 

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