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February 26, 2018

Is it even a surprise that I went a bit overboard, buying more makeup that I could probably have done without...but what can I say, Colourpop is so affordable and offered me 20% off so who am I to go against what the Universe had in store for me!?!

I have had my eye on the new "Give It To Me Straight" palette and few of the latest Super Shock Shadow bundles that recently launched, so I was quick to get my hands on those. Everything else that ended up in my cart...well it all just happened so fast, it was sort of a blur to be honest. Altogether, I picked up the Give It To Me Straight and My Little Pony palettes, the Take Me Home and Pretty Much travel palettes, the Super Shock Shadow sets in You Glad, Life In Plastic, and Do Right, and the Gimmie More! highlighter palette.

I placed my order on Feb. 19th. I did not receive shipping confirmation until Feb. 23rd. This was due to an abnormally high volume of orders being placed around this time because of all of their latest launches, but Colourpop made it very clear in their confirmation email that orders would possibly take additional time to process and ship. Because they disclosed this, I honestly was not bothered; it saved me from having to sit around waiting for shipment confirmation and getting all frustrated that it was taking longer than usual. But once my order shipped on the 23rd, I received it by Feb. 26th, which made me a very happy glamper!

Below you can find shots of everything purchased and I will be sure to post swatches of everything as I work my way through my growing collection. 

- Cuteologist
- No Promises
- Side Kick

- Don't Leave
- Daddy
- Twitterpated

- I Like You
- Monkey Business

Be sure to let me know what I should dig into first and what sort of looks you would love to see using these shadows!


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