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February 22, 2018

I don't know about you guys, but I always get a little excited when brands send me deluxe samples of products to try after placing an order with them. A while back, I had to reorder some Mario Badescu skincare products and as an added little bonus, I received 2 mini facial sprays to try out. 

Since I received these in the midst of an abnormally cold Fall, they came in quite handy. My skin felt rather dry and tight this Fall/Winter so I used my Rosewater and Cucumber sprays as sort of a prep & setting spray during my makeup routine to help with rehydrating and soothing my skin. I will say, if you are on the hunt for a facial spray with added skincare benefits, this may be right up your alley. In terms of setting your makeup and extending the wear-time of your foundation, Mario Badescu Facial Sprays may not be the "go-to" setting spray because they really don't do much to keep your base on for long (which I wasn't worried about since my typically oily skin turned bone dry, so my makeup did not budge even when I didn't use these sprays), which is perfectly fine considering they are marketed as skincare products- Facial Sprays, not Makeup Setting Sprays. When I think of a setting spray to melt everything into the skin and keep it in place all day long, I immediately think of my Skindinavia Oil Control Finishing Spray which I absolutely LOVE for locking my makeup into place. But it doesn't offer any added skincare benefits to my routine, which is what led me to reach for my Facial Sprays during the colder months. 

I found myself reaching for the pink Facial Spray with aloe, herbs, and rosewater, the most because I already use rosewater to "tone" my skin on an everyday basis, so naturally I gravitated towards the Rosewater Spray. Once I started running a little low, I decided to give the green Facial Spray with aloe, cucumber, and green tea, a try, especially on the days I found my skin feeling a bit raw and sensitive from using my Retin-A. I found both Facial Sprays to be soothing, serving as a nice little pick-me-up for my battered skin, but I quickly realised that this would be a product you may need to reapply throughout the day.

Because you are applying a fine mist of product onto the skin, I do think it is a bit unrealistic to expect a facial spray to keep you looking hydrated and dewy all day long, so I don't particularly mind having to spritz my face a few times throughout the day- don't most of us already do that with our setting sprays to prevent our base from looking "cakey" or powdery?! 

Since I liked both Facial Sprays, I decided to go ahead and purchase the large version of each. Temperatures are rising and I already know these will be my new "Summer Skin Refreshers". But while on Ulta's website, I noticed there was a new purple Facial Spray with aloe, chamomile, and lavender! You can only imagine my reaction...

So I went ahead and picked up all three! (This is about to be one hot summer y'all, don't judge...) I will say that I personally do not notice a difference in the performance of one Facial Spray to the other, and if there is a difference in my skin, it is not one that is noticeable to the eye. So if you find yourself torn on which one to pick up, don't be. I find them all to be equally hydrating and soothing, but I am still excited to try the new Lavender Spray and see how I get on with it!

- ALL Skin Types
- helps revive dehydrated skin
- infused w/ herbal & botanical extracts (Aloe Vera, Gardenia, Rose, Bladderwrack & Thyme)
- helps soothe & re-energise skin for a healthy, radiant glow

- ALL Skin Types
- invigorate dull, tired skin 
- infused w/ Cucumber and Peppermint Essential Waters 
- Green Tea provides powerful antioxidant protection for refreshed & revitalized skin

- ALL Skin Types
- calming & comforting to the skin
- Chamomile, vitamin C, and Lavender essential water leaves complexion balanced & bright

If you have sensitive skin like I do, you'll also be happy to know that I have never had an adverse reaction to Mario Badescu Facial Sprays- or any of their products really. But if you are concerned about their products being suitable for your skin type, all skincare products are labeled with a C (Combo), O (Oily), D (Dry), S (Sensitive), and/or ALL (All Skin Types), which can make things that much easier when searching for products that best suit your needs! 

Well that just about wraps things up! I will certainly keep you guys posted on how I get on with my new Lavender Spray, but do let me know if any of you have tried it already? Or if you've tried any of these Facial Sprays, I'd love to hear your thoughts as well!


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