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February 20, 2018

Going down my list of Juvia's palettes to play with, I decided to whip out The Nubian eyeshadow palette because it is a neutral-girl's dream. This palette features 4 transition matte shadows & 8 shimmery pearl textured shadows, so if you prefer to have more matte shadows vs. shimmer then this may not be the palette for you. 

Since I typically sport more neutral looks for work, I will definitely be putting this palette to the test in these upcoming weeks, but for now, I've gone ahead and provided you guys with some swatches of this gorgeous palette! As always, photos of my swatches have not been edited or retouched in any capacity and this time around, they were photographed in natural daylight against my medium olive skin, without the aid of artificial lighting.

Shadows in The Nubian palette were swatched from left to right, beginning with the first row and ending with the third row.

Based off of simply swatching the eyeshadows, the mattes felt quite smooth, as did the shimmer shadows. The only textural inconsistency was with the last shimmery eyeshadow in the first and second rows of the palette; both were a bit softer than the other shadows and had the tendency of bunching up. This is an indicator to me that I will most likely want to avoid layering too much of these particular shadows on the lid in order to avoid any bunching up and creasing. 

Also worth noting, the last 2 shadows in the third row of the palette swatched quite poorly, with pigment sort of skipping across the skin, so I am interested to see how both of these perform on the lids. 

And as usual, if you guys are interested in a tutorial and proper review of The Nubian palette, then stay tuned! To be notified when I upload that post, you can simply Subscribe to my blog by entering your email address in the "Subscribe for updates" section in the column to your right, that way you never have to miss out on future posts! Also, let me know your thoughts on The Nubian palette if you already own it. What are some of your favourite looks to create using this palette? I'd love to know!


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