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February 23, 2018

If you are someone who LOVES colour, then you better hold on to that spare change girl because the Morphe 35B Color Burst palette has just about every colour under the Sun... and then some. I personally love to have one or two palettes in my collection that have some colourful shadows because let's face it, I'm already drowning in neutral/warm tone everything, so why not have some fun once in a while! 

When I first saw this palette on Morphe's site, it immediately caught my attention because it quite literally stands out against the overwhelming sea of warm-toned/neutral eyeshadow palettes, but it had been out-of-stock for the longest time (and I already know this palette was private labelled from Crown, but their website was also sold out at the time). Now fast forward to a couple of weeks ago (it had been almost 2yrs since I first saw this palette) and I noticed the 35B was actually available, so I thought, why not throw my coins at it!?!

This palette contains a mixture of matte and shimmer shadows, so this coupled with the fact that it has almost every colour you should ever need, theoretically makes it the perfect palette for all you colour junkies...that is, only if it performs as well as it looks. 

Today I've gone ahead and swatched the Morphe 35B Color Burst palette for you guys and as always, photos of my swatches have not been edited or retouched in any capacity. Swatches were photographed in natural daylight against my medium olive skin, without the aid of artificial lighting. So if you guys are interested in seeing my swatches, then just keep on scrolling! :)

(rows- horizontally)

Row 1: Chalk, Pillow, Heart, Wild Berry, Moss Boss, Ink, Deep Dive

Row 2: Pale, Bubble Gum, Lollipop, Pixie, Apple Cider, Lavender, Sky

Row 3: Fairy, Smoothie, Pom Pom, Fuchsia, Ziggy, Purplish, Azure

Row 4: Lemonade, Brilliant, Chicory, Bikini, Earthy, Grape Pop, Denim

Row 5: Sunshine, Watermelon, Puffs, Beets Me, Forest, Frosty, Pebble

I did something a little different when swatching this palette. Usually, I swatch shadows starting with the first row, working my way from left to right in each row until every eyeshadow has been swatched. This time around, I actually swatched the shadows in column order. What this means is, instead of going horizontally across each row, I swatched going vertically down each column. I thought this would be a better way to swatch this particular palette considering the arrangement of the shadows- with each column having somewhat of a natural gradient of the shades. I thought this would be a better visual aid when trying to compare shades within the same colour family (are you still with me? I hope that wasn't too confusing to understand).

To make things even simpler, since Morphe has started giving their shadows names (on the website but not on the palettes...mmmmmmokay) below each column of swatches, I have included the names of each shadow swatched, in the same order in which they are shown.

Chalk, Pale, Fairy, Lemonade, Sunshine

Pillow, Bubble Gum, Smoothie, Brilliant, Watermelon

Heart, Lollipop, Pom Pom, Chicory, Puffs

Wild Berry, Pixie, Fuchia, Bikini, Beets Me

Moss Boss, Apple Cider, Ziggy, Earthy, Forest

Ink, Lavender, Purplish, Grape Pop, Frosty

Deep Dive, Sky, Azure, Denim, Pebble

Based on my swatches, I think it is pretty clear which shadows seem like they may need the most TLC to even perform on the lids, but I won't count them out until I've put them to the test. It's also worth keeping in mind that when you pay $23 for an eyeshadow palette, more times than not, you're getting what you pay for (in other words, you can't pay Morphe prices and expect Natasha Denona quality...gurrl bye). I also noticed from swatching the shadows in Column 4- Fuchia, Bikini, & Beets Me seemed to stain my fingers quite a bit, but most shadows in this colour family have a tendency to do so. Just thought it would be something worth noting since it will most likely stain your lids and your brushes (I have yet to get the stain from a burgundy shadow off of my once white brush hairs...but I've just grown to accept the change). 

With all that being said, I'm still excited to whip up some fun looks using this palette, so don't forget to Subscribe to my blog for updates, that way you never have to miss out on the next post! Let me know what sort of makeup looks you'd like to see or what shadow combinations you'd like me to try first!


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