How to Grow Green Onions in Water

February 10, 2018

For those of us stuck with nothing but a bright windowsill and all the wishes of having our own little garden, fear not, I've got you covered! While you may not have a backyard filled with fresh produce, who says you can't start a little garden, right in the comfort of your own home. 

Most people think basil plants are the beginning and end of the list of vegetables you can grow right in your kitchen, but honey, they are so wrong! You can technically grow just about anything indoors, so long as you have the space and enough light sources, but today I wanted to focus on one particular veg.- green onions!

Green onions, scallions, or spring onions (whatever name you have for them) can be found in just about every fresh produce section of a supermarket. And you typically find them with their roots still in tact. Now while most of us usually chop the roots off and toss them, if you saved these little guys, you could actually grow your very own green onions! 

To grow your own scallions using nothing but a bit of water, all you need to do is slice off the ends of the bulbs, making sure to leave the roots attached.

You can leave as much as half an inch of the bulb still attached to the root and still yield successful results. As you can see, I left more than an inch attached to the roots of my scallions, but this does not affect the end result negatively.

Now you are ready to place the bulbs in a small container/jar of water. Add enough water to cover the roots and then set your container in the path of bright, indirect sunlight (whether that be on a windowsill, counter, table etc...).

Keep on eye on your bulbs to ensure that the roots are kept moist at all times, remaining submerged (but do not overfill your jar/container). 

Change the water every couple of days/at least once a week; the water should never look cloudy. 

In just a few days, you should see green shoots emerging from your bulbs, which at this point, will start to grow very quickly! (I put mine in an old glass pickle jar that I cleaned out, don't judge...)

4 days after initial shoots emerged...
5th day...
Once your shoots get to be a couple inches tall, it is time to transfer them to a pot. Leaving them submerged will only weaken the plant as it continues to grow; so while you may see it continue to get taller for some time, it will eventually stunt the growth.

You can place your new scallions in a pot of fresh soil, making sure to keep the soil moist at all time. Your soil should not be soggy, but keep an eye out, making sure to test your soil so you know when to water next. On average, you may only need to water your scallions once a week, but that will be dependent on your climate! 

Keep your scallions in a well lit area and you should continue to see it grow. Just snip off whatever you need when you're ready and it will continue to grow so long as you give it ample water and sunlight!

At this point, you can safely say you now have your own personal supply of green onions, so no more running down to the grocery store for a bunch of scallions! I hope you found this the least bit helpful and I was able to simplify the whole process. And if you guys have tried this for yourself, let me know in the comments down below, and how are your green onions holding up so far? I'd love to know!


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