NYX Vivid Brights + Glam Liner (Aqua Luxe)

May 31, 2017

Hi my loves! Today I have a nice short post for you guys; I finally got around to swatching all the new liquid liners I got in from NYX. Below you'll find swatches to all the NYX Vivid Brights liquid eyeliners I purchased, as well as the Glam Liner Aqua Luxe shades I picked out. 

In the Vivid Brights I picked out shades Vivid Halo, Vivid Escape, Vivid Fire, Vivid Petal, Vivid Blossom, Vivid Violet, & Vivid Sapphire (swatched in that order). In the Glam Liner Aqua Luxe collection, I picked out shades Glam 24 Karat, Glam Lagoon, Glam Platinum, Glam Nude, Glam Purple, Glam Azure (swatched in that order).

Swatches (as pictured below) begin with the Vivid Brights eyeliners (starting from the left), in the order in which they are listed above, with the Glam Liners swatched alongside them. I haven't used these liners enough to truly form an opinion at this point, however, I did notice that once the Vivid Brights liners dried, they did begin to crack. This could be due to the eyeliners being swatched on an arm as opposed to applying it to the eyelid, but I guess we'll just have to put it to the test to see if this is true. My only other observation from swatching was the Glam Liners may not really be all that "waterproof." With one swipe of my half-dried wet wipe (not even a makeup removing wipe, just a straight up baby wipe) the Glam Liners were the first to go. And I hadn't even realised there was a Waterproof claim to these liners until just a second ago (like literally as I am writing this post, I just scrolled and saw that the package says "waterproof"). lol.

But nonetheless, I'll be sure to give my final thoughts on the actual performance of these products once I put them to the test (you can look out for that, either, here on the blog, or on my Youtube channel). 

Anyhoo, as always, swatches below are featured on my skin (medium/tan skin tone), as well as on a darker skin tone. Natural light was used, no flash, no editing/retouching. I would also like to add that my skin does show up lighter on camera (making me look Caucasian out here- I am not), so do keep that in mind. 


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