My First Time Trying Colourpop Eyeshadows

May 26, 2017

Hi my loves! So I recently got a tad bit carried away and went on a full online (makeup) shopping spree. Now I cannot say that I am proud to admit that, HOWEVER I would like to add that there was some sort of "deal" happening on each of the sites I visited, sooo I did end up saving/getting some freebies here and there (if that makes it any better).

But anyhoo, I'll just get on with it. So the reason I chose to dedicate an entire post to these new Colourpop eyeshadows I picked up, was simply due to the fact that this is my FIRST time ever trying the shadows for myself. I've always had people recommend for me to give em' a go, but at the time I was being much wiser; content with my already growing collection and intent on not adding to it until having gotten through what I already own. BUT then a few days ago (maybe more than a week ago actually) I caught the "spend-money-on-useless-shit" bug again, and I gave in. So here we are guys. Now I've got 18 Colourpop Super Shock shadows, 4 free mini liquid lipsticks and a clean arm just begging to be painted, as I sit around bored on a Friday afternoon.

I would like to also add that their deal a few days ago was- buy 2 eyeshadows and get the 3rd "free," AKA buy 3 at a time and you only pay $3.33 for one, instead of $5 a piece. And they also threw in a free mini liquid lip each time you spent over a certain amount on your order (that part was confusing to me because I didn't even realise that was a thing until I got to check out and there were like 4 pop-ups that wouldn't go away until I selected my free lipsticks). But hey, I'm not complaining girl.

So yeah, that pretty much sums up my life. Below, you'll find swatches of all 18 shadows: Arrow, Bae, Paradox, Game Face, Elixir, Tankini, Far Side, Coconut, So Quiche, Hammered, Telepathy, Luckfully, Dance Party, Lace, Dare, Stereo, Seeker, Hot Totty | as well as the 4 liquid lipsticks: Strip, Dopey, London Fog, and Frick n Frack.

I went ahead and swatched them all on myself (a medium/tan skin tone), as well as on my sister (a deeper/medium brown skin tone). All photos are taken in natural daylight. No flash has been used. I have not adjusted/edited the colours, saturation blah blah blah (I literally just uploaded it straight from my camera roll homie). The only "alteration" I've done is layered text so you know the names of each shade swatched. 

Alright I'm done. Enjoy yo!

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