Allergic to Bull$h!t

May 17, 2017

Hey guys! So I just wanted to hop on here really quickly to get a lil somethin' somethin' off my chest.

I recently made a decision in my personal life, that for some it may be labelled as "impulsive" or "foolish" or whatever have you... but you see, the thing about making decisions that are best for YOU, is that everyone else always seems to think they also know what's best for you (but gurrrl they don't).

The choice I made was something that I spent months deliberating, going back and forth in my head, seeking advice from friends and loved ones (you name it, I did it so misseth me with that impulsive shit). I literally spent almost 7 months (it would be 7 if I made it until the end of May) feeling trapped, completely unhappy, and beyond stressed almost every single day of the week. And all I kept hearing was, "you're fine, you don't have that much longer to go," or my favorite, "don't be weak, don't let people like that win."

Now I am SICK AND TIRED of hearing people mislabel having the strength (or "balls") to no longer put up with absolute shit, as some sort of weakness. GIRL IT IS NOT! No one should EVER feel bad about having the strength to walk away from a completely toxic situation. At the end of the day, honey if you don't look out for yourself, who will? 

And y'all really need to get rid of that "don't let them win" line because it is getting really old! This is not the hunger games! My life is not compartmentalised into mini competitions against every person I come into contact with; THERE IS LITERALLY NOTHING TO BE WON YO! But had I chosen to stay in that toxic situation, then I sure as hell would have everything to lose.

I chose to make the best decision for myself! Not for anyone else. And I am much happier today than I was on any other given day last week. And mind you, I'm not even someone who sweats the small stuff; I just absolutely CANNOT tolerate bullshit (don't mind my language guys, I'm just V. frustrated) and I was in an environment surrounded by people who were full of it and trying to force feed it to me (BYE FELICIA).

If you know me, then you are fully aware that yo girl does not tolerate bull of any kind, from any direction, or any source. So when I come into contact with it and everyone around me is trying to bury me deeper into it, you can only imagine my reaction!

But anyhoo, I think I should wrap this rant up before I throw myself overboard. I guess the main point I'm trying to make is, DO NOT LET STUPID PEOPLE TRY TO RUN YOUR LIFE GIRL. Sometimes it's good to be selfish; put yourself first, put your needs first, put what is best for you before whatever these stupid haters try to talk you into doing.

** Note to "my hater"- me choosing to walk away does not equate to you "winning." Because from where I stand, I am happy, I am healthy, I am moving on up in life, and most importantly, I am far away from all your bullshit. Where are you? Oh that's right, you're right where I left you. Soooo,  what was that y'all were saying about someone winning??? **

I'll just be here enjoying my latte. 

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