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May 18, 2017

Hi my sweethearts! I stumbled across Nicki Minaj's new music video last night and I was mesmerised by the makeup. I took so many screenshots and dug through her instagram to see if she had any specific makeup deets about the looks for the video, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything. But I did manage to come across a selfie she took that gave me a better idea of how to go about trying to "re-create" this makeup look (I've included my inspo pic down below for you guys).

Now obviously the lighting in the music video completely changes the tones of the shadows, blush, and lip products used, that's why I was so happy to find the selfie (even though the lighting isn't the best), it gave me a better idea of which shadows to use. 

Now to me, it sort of looks like a faux-cut-crease, meaning that instead of using something (concealer or a paint pot) to really carve out the lid, I'm assuming the makeup artist just focused the deeper brown shadow a bit above the crease. So basing my look off of this assumption, that's what I did when doing my own eye makeup (you can see that in the tutorial linked below). 

Unfortunately, I didn't taking into consideration how hooded my eyes are especially from the angle in which I decided to take these pictures for you guys, so you can't actually see where I added this deeper brown shade to my lids to fake a cut-crease effect (mahh badd). But in the tutorial you can see everything, so it's no big deal. I also noticed afterwards that I should have probably added a little more of the deeper, cool toned brown shadow through my crease, since my look turned out more warm-toned than Nicki's. But this is just an inspired look, so I'm okay with it. 

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Enjoy!




Primer: NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base
Eyeshadow: Lancôme Maquiriche (shades Honeymoon & Rustique) + Wet n Wild- The Naked Truth
Liquid Liner: Jordana Fabuliner


Gloss: ELF- Golden Chariots


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