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July 31, 2015

As promised, here's my second post detailing my La Vega adventures (well this one more so documents my lunch, idk if you really want to call that an adventure...). 

Since I seem to be in the sharing mood (because as you know, sharing IS caring), I thought I should include what I chomped down on during my afternoon at the Nature Park. Straying away from the exciting, I had home-style fried chicken and chips for lunch (*hold the chicken* all purchased of course, I am incapable of whipping up something so delicious at this current point in time. My cooking skills could do with some refining). I'm not much of a "meat mouth" so I passed on the fried chicken, but it did indeed smell delectable. The chips (fries or whatever other name you may have for them) on the other hand, my stomach can most certainly speak for because they hit the spot. 

Bathed in ketchup and some sort of garlic sauce, my taste buds were dancing. Trinidad's ketchup is unlike that of Heinz or Hunt, in that it is much sweeter (probably why Trinidadians douse all their food with ketchup, pizza especially!). If you're like me and you're used to the taste of Swiss and Matouck's Tomato Ketchup, then you know how off-putting the taste of Heinz Ketchup can really be (it's so much more sour). But enough about condiments! 

To wash it all down, I grabbed myself a Malta (though an Apple J would've just as easily done the trick). After that, my stomach basically thanked the heavens and I was set for the rest of the evening (happy tummy = happy Hannah).

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