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July 23, 2015 Tobago

In keeping with the current photo laden theme of my blog and upholding the newfound tradition of Thursdays, I thought it would be fun for me to toss things back about 2 years. I wanted to share a few of my favourite shots from a trip I took in 2013 to the island of Tobago, with one of my best friends. It was the first time I had ever visited the island, though it certainly won't be my last. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, but don't take my word for it... see for yourself.

Settling in on the very first day was a bit of a struggle for everyone for various reasons, but our "backyard" view was proper compensation, if I do say so myself.

One of the first very first things we did (like a proper tourist) was take at trip down to the Nylon Pool. This in-sea shallow coral "pool" was certainly the highlight of my trip, minus the boat ride there.  

Pigeon Point, Tobago
Nylon Pool
I couldn't help myself.

Further along into our trip, we visited Fort King George, but along the way, we got sidetracked by the view (how ever could that have happened... well you tell me).

When we finally made it to our destination, I couldn't muster up the strength to put my camera away.

Fort King George, Tobago

Please ignore my God-awful stance
How breathtaking
And then this tree caught my eye

Within the blink of an eye the evening had slowly crept it's way up.

Behold! A Sunset at Fort King George.

Fast forward to the end of our trip; we found ourselves at a U-17 cricket match. It wasn't one of the best matches I've ever seen, but I didn't mind the scenic drive there.

Ahh! Another sunset
Now enjoy this rather pixelated image of my best friend and I.
Well, there you have it folks. That just about (visually) sums up my trip to Tobago. From the view, to the food, to the company, it was a truly enjoyable vacation.  
Still haven't convinced you? Stop in and see for yourself. You'll change your own mind.

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