La Vega Estate

July 30, 2015 La Vega Estate, Trinidad

Hello lovelies! Today, I present to you, a rather unique post, as I have decided to disperse the treasures of this particular day into 3 separate posts (crazy, I know. Also *DISCLAIMER* this post contains a monstrous amount of images, though incredibly captivating... it's still a $*** ton of pictures, so consider yourselves WARNED!). The following post entails all the fun bits I've been up to, while the other 2 will cover the yummy and stylish bits of the day. 
Now with all that being said, I guess it's on with the show...
On Monday, I took a trip down to La Vega Estate (seeing as I am still on holiday, it only seemed fitting for me to continue on with my touristy "excursions") for a rather relaxing afternoon/evening. We got there just in time to spend an hour or two attempting to fish, but I mostly lazed around under the thatched huts (when I managed to give my camera a rest). I found it was a tad bit difficult to completely take in all that was around me because I was driven into sensory overload. Between the Garden Centre and the Nature Park, it's quite possible, I've never before seen so much "natural" beauty concentrated in one area like that.  

I wouldn't even know where to begin if I were asked to orally recount my experience at La Vega. I guess that's why we have those conveniently clunky little contraptions to just snap a shot of it all. And oh how convenient they truly are because I don't know where I'd even begin in trying to describe what I saw in the Garden Centre, so I guess that's a good place to start.

The Garden Centre was the very first thing that caught my attention. I'm certain that after seeing this, you'll have a clear understanding as to why... 

Just getting the usual evening drink.
Not sure why, but I absolutely adored whatever the heck this was! 
Brace yourselves for the orchid storm that is about to ensue...

This isn't even half of it. 
Better get those fingers warmed up... you have a bit more scrolling till' you're through.

Hang in there! We're almost through with the flowers (and I haven't even touched on the Nature Park. You may want to grab a snack).

So gorgeous!
Family Portrait 
Now time for the selfies... 
Someone must've gotten a bit hungry...
How interesting is this little guy!
I've never seen anything like it before.

(Seriously guys!) How stunning were those flowers?! And that was only a fraction of the beauties that were scattered around the Centre. But now that, that's covered, it's time to move on to another series of brilliant images (too soon? You can take a moment to continue appreciating all that La Vega's Garden Centre has to offer).

Behold! La Vega Estate's Nature Park... (it's less colourful that the Garden Centre in case you were wondering, or dazed and confused)

Guys! A freaking hummingbird was 3ft away from me and I actually got this documented!!! 
It was incredibly difficult to get a clear shot because the bugger was fluttering about so fast.
Oh, look! An actual pop of colour.
Just some peeps casually catching all the fish in the lake (it felt like they caught one very 5 mins).
Behold! Every shade of green, in one photo.

Well, that's about it. I hope I was able to transport you to La Vega. Maybe next time we can all go fishing together (and catch some imaginary fish with our uncooked macaroni bait and the $20 rented bamboo rods we're blessed with). But until such a day, happy fishing my loves!   

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