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July 13, 2015 Matura, Trinidad

Greetings my beautiful little Schwans! See what I did there? "Clever-ish" play on words (*pats oneself on the back* *insert winky face****). All foolishness aside though, this post is per the request of a very dear friend, who so gently, verbally accosted me for "neglecting" my blog... yet again. Some may say neglect, I may say, "Oh I'm just busy... college... life... ageing rapidly... such is life," and so on and so forth. But nonetheless, here we are. Making progress. Together. (We'll see how long this lasts).

Today, I grace you with a less hostile post than my last (I think), so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the turtles. Last night I took a trip down to Matura Beach to witness some leatherback turtles lay their eggs for the season. (Oh, I probably should mention that Matura Beach is in Trinidad) Matura Beach is in Trinidad guys! Incase anyone was wondering. 

We were fortunate enough to see one mother lay her eggs for the night (we could've probably seen more had it not been for the pack of mongrels fumbling along the shore. If I were a leatherback turtle and sensed the remote presence of a nearby moron, I would turn around too. *Abort mission* Stay tuned for more on my first-hand experience with ignorance). From start to finish, she must have taken about a little over 2 hrs to take care of business. It was truly a beautiful experience and it was the second time I had ever gone turtle watching. To stick with the positive theme, I'll let you enjoy a few pictures before unloading my dump-truck of annoyance and frustration from the evening.

Momma Leatherback (my extremely original name for her)
I got to hold a babyyyy!!!
These munchkins were so soft!! Ahhhh!!!!


Story time

Cute babies and gigantic Momma Leatherback aside, I was surrounded by an astounding level of stupidity. I know there is an overwhelming amount of ignorance in the world, but never before have I been suffocated by it. There was no escape. With the exception of my family and the nature seekers (as they are called), no one seemed to know how to conduct themselves around the turtle. It is almost as if the turtle appeared and all brains got blown away in the wind (the weather was pretty severe that night so you never know). But nonetheless,  I refused to let brainless mules taint such a beautiful experience. 

Minus the unfortunate company, I would go turtle watching again. It was truly enjoyable and it's always fun to learn how extraordinary these creatures can be. If you guys get the opportunity one day, you should go!

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