My First Too Faced Palette- Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar | Swatches

January 5, 2019

I never really found myself gravitating towards any Too Faced eyeshadow palettes because to me, they all sort of look the same; that is, except for when this one went on SALE. 

I actually purchased my Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette a while ago, but of course, I am only able to get this post up 50yrs later. In terms of what lured me in to getting this eyeshadow palette, besides the wonderful sale price, were the shades Cocoa Chili and Pink Sugar. They seemed to be unique shadows, speckled with tons of fine glitter and it immediately got me thinking to use them as possible "shadow toppers" that could add the perfect hint of sparkle without being as loud and messy as any ole' loose glitter. And since I did not already own an eyeshadow quite like Pink Sugar specifically, I thought, "Why not!"

Below you can find swatches of the entire palette. All photos of my swatches were taken using daylight bulbs, with eyeshadows swatched against my medium, olive skin tone (I typically use natural daylight, but these photos were taken at night). No images of swatches have been edited or retouched in any capacity, so if you are interested in taking a closer look, then just keep on scrolling! :)

Shades swatched (from left to right): Licorice, Coconut Creme, Nougat, Truffled, Hot Fudge, Cocoa Chili, Pink Sugar, Puddin', Blueberry Swirl, Peanut Butter, Frosting, Rum Raisin, Mousse, Caramel, Bon Bon, Butter Pecan.

I haven't had the chance to go through the entire Semi-Sweet palette yet, but I have been using the shade Licorice almost every single day as eyeliner.  Because I have to wear a bit of makeup for work, I found myself getting a little sick and tired of trying to do perfect winged liner every morning, only to have to spend 15mins every evening, trying to get every bit of the black residue off my lids. It was becoming such a chore and took up way too much of my time, so I decided going back to using black eyeshadow would be the best bet.

To be honest, I really wasn't expecting to like this eyeshadow so much; I actually did not give much thought into picking a specific black eyeshadow. I just sort of opened up my drawer and noticed the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar palette and thought, "Oh I haven't used that very much, I think there's a black in there somewhere..." And lo and behold there was, so I opted for it that day and I haven't stopped using it since. 

For the longest time, I used to only use the black eyeshadows in my Lorac palettes because I found them to be so pigmented and I think having gotten so used to that level of pigmentation, I forgot how frustrating it can be to find a GOOD black eyeshadow. That is, until the day I decided to use the black from a Morphe palette I own and it pushed me back to the world of liquid eyeliners (where I lived for the past few years, until 3 months ago). So all of that being said, I guess I found a longwinded way to say that I'm looking forward to seeing how the rest of the shadows perform (the ones I have not already used of course).

But I am still curious to know if any of you have ever used this palette before and if you were pleased with the performance of the shadows (mainly Licorice). If not, what are some of your favourite black eyeshadows, or eyeshadow formulas in general? I'd love to know!


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