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January 21, 2019

Today's post is a special one because I decided to kill not 1, but 3 birds with one stone, by posting swatches of all three of my newest Juvia's Place eyeshadow palettes- The Warrior 2 (or II), The Festival, & The Saharan 2 (or II).

Believe it or not, I now own almost every single eyeshadow palette Juvia's has released, with the exception of "Tribe" (which I plan on purchasing in the future) and "Afrique" (ehh, don't know that I want to spend money on that colour combo). Out of all the palettes I own, I have already posted swatches of the following: The Zulu, The Nubian, The WarriorThe Douce & The Masquerade (mini).

Now on to the good stuff! Below you can find snapshots of my swatches. All eyeshadows were swatched on my medium, olive skin and photos of the swatches have NOT been edited or retouched in any capacity. The images were photographed using artificial lighting- daylight bulbs; I typically use natural daylight and prefer to do so, but I didn't get around to doing my swatches in time. I think it may also be worth noting that I DO NOT and have never used any products to aid in the performance of a shadow being swatched on my arm (ie. using primer or setting mists), nor do I repeatedly go "back and forth" when swatching a shade in order to build up the opacity. I've never felt the need to state this before because I assumed it was understood, but nowadays you just never know.

But anyhoo, if you are interested in seeing my swatches of The Warrior II, The Saharan II, and The Festival eyeshadow palettes then just keep on scrolling! :)


From left to right: Yodit, Kufuru, Walzana, Daura, Zama, Jamata, Shawata, Kana, Zaz
w/ flash


From left to right: Izafa, Uli, Ofala, Mmanwu, Iri Ji, Oro, Keleke, Aba, Odogwu
w/ flash


From left to right: Marrakesh, Aziza, Hadiya, Berber, Nomad, Chefchaouen, Fez, Zohra, Taza
w/ flash

I think I am most excited to use The Saharan II palette because those shades are just SPEAKINGG TO MEE, but I'm also curious to know which of these happen to be your favourite or least favourite? Be sure to let me know! :)


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