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December 13, 2018

'Tis the season to stock up on all of your favourite makeup and skincare goodies with all the holiday kits and sales popping up left and right. And I managed to score some pretty amazing deals this year, so I think it's safe to say, this Hauliday season is brought to you by none other than, my exceptionally savvy shopping skills. 

I really needed to get my hands on another FAB Ultra Repair Cream because I found the Grapefruit one to not be the best fit for my skin (click HERE to see my First Aid Beauty skincare haul). Even though I am already fully aware of the potential irritation and dryness that can be brought on from these fruit oils blended into moisturizers, I still wanted to give it a try. Turns out, I should've just saved my coin, but I ended up using the Pink Grapefruit Ultra Repair Cream on my body instead (so I wouldn't have to throw $30 down the drain) and so far, so good. It has been doing a much better job on my body than it ever did on my face.

In my FAB Skin Summit kit, I actually received 4 full size items and 1 deluxe travel size (the Ultra Repair Hydrating Serum), and obviously, I could not be more pleased with myself for snagging one of these holiday sets. 

I actually have yet to try the hydrating serum, but I've already cracked into my Ultra Repair Cream (the original, non-zhooshed, no extra fragrance added) to combat my dry a$$ winter skin; so far so good.

I also got the Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask, which I have now used 3 times and love, as well as a container of Facial Radiance Pads. And I actually got a little travel packet of these Radiance Pads to try for 10 days, and I ended up loving the product so much that I went searching for a kit that had, not only the Ultra Repair Cream, but these pads as well! 

They are extremely gentle and I notice a difference in my skin tone after 2 weeks (I only ever use 1 daily- at night time).

The Pure Skin Face Cleanser was the final full size product in my kit and I plan on saving this one for when I travel. I have gone through tubes of this cleanser in the past and I find it to be pretty effective at removing excess oil and makeup, but it never leaves my skin feeling stripped and dry.

And of course, to make sure I qualified for free shipping, I had to add something useful to my cart, so that ended up being the Ultra Repair Wash. Still have yet to use this body wash, but I'm sure it'll be fine (I will keep you posted).

The next Hauliday items I got were these Anastasia Beverly Hills "Liquid Glow" highlighters in shades Peach Fizz & Penny, and the Urban Decay "Lightbeam" eyeshadow palette.

Shadows swatched (from left to right): Nudie, Vibe, Paradox, Golden Hour, Influence.

So far, I have been happy with the performance of these eyeshadows, there are pretty consistent with all other Urban Decay shadows I have tried in the past- no complaints here. I will note, the shade Golden Hour seems to be more useful as a shadow "topper"; it layers beautifully over top of almost any shadow. 

I haven't gotten around to wearing the ABH Liquid Glow highlighters yet, but when I do, I hope they actually adhere to my skin because I was having a hard time trying to blend it for my swatch.

Also from ABH, I picked up the "Sugar" Glow Kit, along with a few Colourpop lippie pencils.

Shades swatched (from left to right): Marshmallow, Gumdrop, Butterscotch, Starburst

As to be expected with ABH powder highlighters, they were buttery and jam packed with pigment, making them magical when buffed into the skin, but not so much when swatched on an arm. Shades Marshmallow and Gumdrop were the softest in my Sugar palette- something to keep in mind to avoid chunkiness when applied (aka don't shovel into your pan bruh).

Shades swatched (from left to right): Beeper, BFF, BFF 2, Curvii, Brink, BFF 3

Moving on to my Lippie Pencils, I picked up a few nudes since that happens to be my go-to (aka I think I literally only ever wear nude lips) and I would get the most use out of them. Also, I just really love Colourpop lip liners; they are so creamy and glide effortlessly over the lips, and they are so richly pigmented without drying my lips out (basically... a dream.).

Shades swatched (from left to right): Chi, Beeper, BFF, BFF 2, Curvii, Brink, BFF 3, Grunge

I also went ahead and swatched my Chi and Grunge lippie pencils alongside the new additions for anyone curious about shade comparisons!

Back when Colourpop launched their No Filter Foundation Sticks, I went ahead and picked up 2 in the shades Medium 90 W and Medium 110 W, but of course I include them in our Hauliday because of my no man left behind makeup clause... and also because I actually haven't used them yet or posted swatches so I thought this to be an appropriate time to share the wealth. 

Shades swatched (from left to right): Medium 90 W, Medium 110 W
Shades blended after swatch (from left to right): Medium 90 W, Medium 110 W

I ended up purchasing 2 different shades in the foundation stick because based off of the images provided, I assumed Medium 90 W would be the best shade for me, but then I saw Medium 110 W and I got all confused, and since they were so affordable, I caved... so I got both.

When I initially swatched both foundations, I thought I had royally effed up because neither of them looked to be a remote match for my complexion, but after blending them in, they both melt into the skin beautifully! It was also extremely easy to blend; I only used my finger and it took little to no effort. The foundation also felt quite silky and smooth, leading me to believe it may be great for an oiler skin type (maybe not super oily, just those with decent sebaceous activity), but probably not suitable for those with drier skin, as it may exaggerate any dry patches. But this is still to be discovered, so I will be sure to provide an update once I have tried the foundation enough times!

And lastly, I committed to the Colourpop Best in Brows kit because I LOVE eyebrows (not just my own, yours too. Well everyone's.) They are the first thing I notice on a person and I think I have been brow obsessed since Middle School (can be confirmed by former classmates, mainly one named Ashley). I have threaded my own eyebrows ever since then, and now I thread, wax and tint other people's (legally of course, check out my IG "Client Diary" highlight @hannahramesar), so I am always a sucker for trying new brow products from lines I already adore. 

Previously, I have tried Colourpop's Brow Boss eyebrow pencil. I liked it, but I can't say that it was better than my NYX micro-brow pencil. 

Seeing that this brow kit came with the Colourpop Precision Brow Pencil, the Brow Boss Gel, and the Precision Brow Colour, I thought I ought to give it a try to see if I fall in love with any other brow products they carry.  

I can't wait to dig into everything and see how they all perform! Be sure to "Subscribe" to my blog so you don't want to miss out on those reviews when they go live.

Also forgot to add- photos of product swatches were taken against my medium tan/olive skin tone, all photos of swatches have NOT been edited in any capacity. Those photos were taken in natural daylight, no flash or additional artificial lighting was used. :)

Other than that, all that's left to say is HAPPY HAULIDAYS!


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