More Colourpop? Yes, Please!

November 29, 2017

Guess who's gone out and added to their Colourpop cosmetics collection?! THIS GIRL! Well I didn't actually go anywhere, I just went a tad overboard recently when browsing their site. I honestly only popped on there to check out the Yes, Please palette, but as per usual, I got swept up in everything else.

I've never had the opportunity to try Colourpop's Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks before, and since I already own so many of their Ultra Matte liquid lipsticks, it seemed like a no-brainer to pick up a few new goodies to test out. Lately, I've not been reaching for any matte lipsticks because my lips tend to get drier with the colder weather, so glosses and lip balm have been my best friends. But I've heard loads of great things about these satin liquid lipsticks so I just had to grab a few for myself!

I also picked up 2 Lippie Pencils- again, always hearing positive things about those so they were a must have. If you guys are interested in swatches of the Yes, Please palette, I will be posting those soon, along with a makeup look. And I think I'll save swatches of the Ultra Satin liquid lipsticks for a huge swatch post/video I plan on doing, where I just show you guys all the Colourpop lippies in my collection. I thought that may be a bit more useful/helpful, especially for any of you looking for particular shade comparisons between the 2 different formulas- Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin, as well as seeing them against my skin tone.

Anywhoo, below you can find snapshots of everything I picked out, along with the names of each lipstick and liner!



- Stud
- Reign
- Mystic


- Ambush
- Tidal
- Darling
- Tansy
- Baracuda


- Chi Pencil
- Grunge Pencil

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