Missing the Smell of Christmas

November 28, 2017

They say children tend to enjoy the holidays a lot more than adults because they often have much more to look forward to. I'm not sure how true this statement is, considering I know quite a handful of adults who LIVE for everything the month of December brings. But it's been a long time since I've felt the warmth of the holidays.

"there is no other morning like that of December 25th..."

In my case, I think there may be some truth to the saying. As a child, you have an endless list of things to look forward to- presents from mom & dad, ham done 50 different ways, seeing all of your cousins/family (and comparing gifts), presents from those same cousins/family, sleeping for 30mins then waking up before the Sun rises so you can be first to open your presents, well just presents in general I guess... Not that gifts are the central reason for the season, but as a child, there is no other morning like that of December 25th, that can get your heart pumping and butterflies all a mess in your stomach (I mean it certainly spikes one's adrenaline, does it not?) . And getting the "okay" from your parents to just wreak havoc under the Christmas tree, I mean is there any better rush?!

But of course, as we get older we begin to see things a bit differently. Some of us grow to appreciate the Holidays, while the rest of us are kind of like "ehh I'm cold." As I've grown older, I have to admit, the Holidays don't feel the same as they once did. I was so accustomed to my family's Christmas routine- go to the special Xmas church service, have a huge lunch/dinner with all your loved ones, open Xmas presents, lots of laughs and love, and warmth... so much warmth.

Maybe I'm in a boat by myself, but these past few years, Christmas doesn't really feel as "Christmasy" as it once did. I feel as though the holiday gets washed out by the mass commercialising of the season. It's more about big sales and big savings, and cramming Xmas decor down your throat as soon as November 1st hits. I also think I have become so desensitised to holiday decor because I end up seeing it for 2 full months, that I just get so used to seeing Santa & Rudolph, then the big day comes and goes without me realising. I miss that cozy Christmas-feel that was once there ("there" as in EVERYWHERE, not just some lights strung up on a pole), I miss the excitement leading up to the 25th, I miss the smell of Christmas in the air! Is that weird to say- the smell of Christmas? I don't even know how to explain that, but you know it when you smell it (lol).

And then there is the sheer reality of adulthood. Being laden with responsibilities doesn't always help the cause. For the adults who still get excited about Christmas and put their heart and soul into the holidays, I commend you. I don't know how you do it. While you have been planning your Xmas menu, I'm still preoccupied with figuring out when to pencil in "sleep" during December.

Now I am fully aware that I may be the only person on planet Earth who feels this way, but I thought I ought to still get my feelings out there. I'm certain the holidays may take on an entirely new meaning in my life once I have settled into this whole "adulthood" thing, maybe once I find my groove I guess. If not then, it will definitely happen by the time I decide to start a family of my own. Maybe a change in scenery might also help. Who knows?! But I just wanted to share my thoughts in the event that I am some how, miraculously not alone.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the Holidays and how they've changed or evolved as you have gotten older!


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