The Best Affordable Sheet Mask on the Market!

November 20, 2017

I must admit, I'm pretty new to the "sheet mask" scene; I'm honestly more of a physical face mask kind of girl. But hey, we all cave to the trends from time to time! 

I've always known sheet masks to be HUGE in Asian skincare, but in more recent years, I guess the rest of us have finally caught on. And while in the past you could easily find a range of sheet masks offered by more luxury brands, it seems like our trusty ole' drugstore gods have finally decided to send some blessings our way!

Obviously I love a good deal, I think we all do, but when it comes to skincare, I'm usually not as hesitant to throw my coins at brands because I do have such finicky skin- incredibly sensitive, acne prone, oily but sort of dry in the winter, I scar easily etc etc... When it comes to face masks in general, I usually don't like to spend a ton, but there are a few exceptions that I don't mind spending a little more on (for example- my Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque $30). But in regards to sheet masks, I don't think I ever really got on board because you can essentially only use this mask ONCE, before tossing it. Where is the sense in that?! Can I get a refund?!

So why cave now? Well, my skin has recently been getting a bit dry in these colder months, and I've heard loads of great things about these Garnier Moisture Bomb sheet masks, so once I saw the price, I decided to give them a try (they are only $3 gurrrl!). And I know Sephora also makes some really affordable sheet masks, but my skin has never really responded well to Sephora-brand anything, so I decided to pass on that one.

I picked up 2 of the Garnier masks almost two months ago, and I've been in love with them ever since! I first tried the Moisture Bomb mask with pomegranate extract (the one in the blue packaging) and then later in the month (when I started seeing some hormonal acne show up) I tried the Mattifying mask with green tea (green packaging). Each mask has different key ingredients, so they each claim to do something different while still hydrating the skin. I honestly don't know if I even notice a difference in results from mask to mask (now having tried every single one) because my skin pretty much looks the same after each use.

What do you mean your skin looks "the same"? Well, in my experience with these sheet masks, I can literally see and feel that my skin is more hydrated. My skin looks so plump and feels incredibly soft after using one of these masks! Because I do have such sensitive skin, I was initially worried about this breaking me out, but so far, it's been fine. 

I usually reach for one of these Moisture Bomb masks once every 2 weeks or so (at most 2x a week if my skin looks really dry), when I notice my skin is looking a little dull. After washing and toning my face at night, I'll just slip one on and leave it until I feel like it's completely dried down before removing it and finishing up my usual skincare routine. WARNING- there is soooo much serum lathered on these masks, so be prepared to have a ton of excess product. They do claim to have half a bottle of serum in each packet, so you can save the excess and maybe do a little DIY mask later on. I simply lather the excess serum all over my neck and chest.

Since these mask are so cheap, I usually pick up a few whenever I'm in CVS. On my last visit I snatched up the only 4 that were in stock- The Super Hydrating Masks in Mattifying, Glow-Boosting, Anti-Fatigue & Soothing. They were all out of the "Hydrating" sheet mask (w/ pomegranate extract- blue packet) and I have yet to see the newest addition- Super Purifying Charcoal Facial Mask.

If you guys have tried the new Charcoal mask, let me know how you get on with it because when I think of charcoal face masks, having it in a sheet mask form does not really come to mind (it almost seems like a bit of a waste of time and product to be honest). But anywhoo, let me know if you guys have tried these Garnier Moisture Bomb masks and what are your thoughts on them!


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