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September 4, 2016

So I actually started piecing this post together a while back, but I just sort of let it slip through the cracks as I got caught up in the whirlwind that happens to be life. Since the storm has now settled, I thought I ought to just hop on here and share my now updated take on this highly popular Japanese dessert.

If you didn't already know, earlier this year, I tried mochi ice-cream for the very first time (you can read all about this in my post "Lunch Date | Sushi Avenue") and I hadn't made up my mind on whether or not I was fond of this surprisingly doughy dessert. But in true foodie fashion (possibly foodie, but perhaps mostly "fatty". I haven't quite decided yet :P) I tried the dessert a few more times to fully allow myself to form an honest opinion. And I must say, each time I had mochi ice-cream, I
grew more and more fond of this simplistic little treat.

To date, I've now tried the vanilla, green tea, and red bean flavours and I must say, I found all three to be rather enjoyable. I was perhaps most shocked to find the red bean mochi ice-cream to be so pleasant because I've only ever eaten red beans in the savoury sense- served on white rice or mixed into a stew. Seeing as I've never encountered a sweet red bean dish, I was a bit apprehensive of this flavour, but it came as a complete shock to my palate when I bit into the chewy dome to find a perfectly sweet and creamy ice-cream. This particular kind was a muted pink colour and had a few traces of red bean scattered throughout the little pocket of ice-cream, kind of how you would find bits of strawberry mixed into a strawberry flavoured ice-cream. Overall, I found the red bean mochi to be quite enjoyable, but I think I would have to rank the green tea flavour as my absolute favourite to date! :)

Next time you come across the chance to try an "unusual" flavour combination, whether that be in the realm of sweet or savoury treats, just go for it!  You never know, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Green Tea Mochi Ice-Cream
Red Bean Mochi Ice-Cream

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