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September 11, 2016

In sitting down to have an evening "snack" it dawned on me that peewah is not necessarily the most popular fruit out there. So of course, I thought it would be worth sharing with you guys (duhh).

I grew up calling it "peewah," but there are probably a million other names for it. A lot of people probably don't even know you can eat these little suckers. (Just a smidgen of "background info") This fruit comes from the palm family (not the trees you see on postcards from Florida or California) and you can't snack on them raw. When I have mine, it's always boiled with some salt. I just peel the skin away and have at it until I get to my favourite part, the "seed" (some people call it a nut)

Trying to crack the shell on this little guy can sometimes be a challenge for me, but in case you weren't aware, I can be incredibly persistent. I've always called the peewah seed a mini coconut because that's pretty much what it is (to me). When eating the seed I always just chew it up (get all that flavour out), but then I spit it out (sorry if that doesn't paint a pleasant picture for you). I've never really paid enough attention to notice anyone else doing the same thing, but I've always thought it was the normal thing to do. Only in creating this post did I start to question my possible weirdness. Let me know!

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