Is Green Tripe Considered a Natural Source of Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes?

August 1, 2021

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This isn’t exactly the Green Tripe post I had planned & probably not the one you were expecting...

When I asked you all, a few weeks ago, if you fed green tripe because of the belief that it would be a great source of probiotics and/or digestive enzymes (& we had to do 2 rounds of voting for this to be my next topic), my intent was to come up with a detailed, useful article that would build on our Raw Feeding University - RFU File on the topic. I did not want to repeat everything already covered in that file because that would be lazy & pointless. I wanted to see if there was anything else I could add, that wasn’t already mentioned, similarly to what I did when writing my article on Dietary Hyperthyroidism.

In doing more research, I realised there really wasn’t much I could add relating to green tripe and raw fed pets. 

The cliff notes version of what our private file details is as follows:

🦠 Green Tripe IS NOT an ideal probiotic due to the digestive bacteria & enzymes within ruminants being obligate anaerobes (dies on exposure to oxygen)

🛑 Green tripe is not a reliable source of digestive enzymes

🌱 Predigested plant material could possibly serve as a prebiotic for present gut flora, BUT THIS HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN! This is what Ronny labelled in the article as her theory without proven data…

☝🏽 That 1:1 ratio you always hear about; in 100g of green tripe you’re looking at an estimated 0.14% being Calcium & 0.1% being Phosphorus (per Monica Segal’s data). 

♦️ Feel free to join our Private Facebook group to view the entire post, as it also goes into detail, defining lactic acid bacteria (LAB), which strains have been found in green tripe, how oxygen & freezing affect LAB, as well as all sources/references used!

Looking at data presented on you can see they list the following analysis:

Protein 13.33%
Fat 12.75%
Crude Fiber 2.99%
Moisture 72.24%
Calcium 0.1%
Phosphorus 0.13%
Ash 1.25%
Calories 424 cal/cup
Iron 126.4 mg/kg
Potassium 0.14%
Manganese 25.7 mg/kg
Zinc 23.11 mg/kg
Selenium 0.31 mg/kg

**NOTE: Monica Segal’s data differs slightly from Her nutrient analysis on raw green tripe what I use when formulating recipes for the boys!**


So why do I feed Green Tripe?
Well I have a Nolo who hates mussels & what’s the only other concentrated source of manganese…green tripe.

How much manganese is in raw Green Tripe?
Nutrient data for raw green beef tripe can vary based on the source.
25.7 mg/kg Manganese in Raw Beef Tripe

Monica Segal
1.321mg/100g Manganese in Raw Beef Tripe

Can I cook Green Tripe?
Only if you’re looking to get divorced, kicked out of your home, want your kids to move out…but you don’t know how to bring it up! Cook some green tripe, that’ll get the job done for you. 

Can I purchase Green Tripe at the grocery store?
Typically the answer is no. Instead you find “bleached tripe” in stores (not actually cleaned with bleach). Though in some countries, you MAY be able to find some packaged green tripe in your grocery store- I recently saw one of our Canadian RFU members was able to score some green goat tripe from a local supermarket. 

Do I care about the Ca:P ratio in raw Green Tripe?
Not really. I know how to balance my calcium and phosphorus ratios when formulating for the boys, whether or not I am using green tripe in the recipe. 

Can it make formulating easier?
Sure- less numbers to go back & mess with.


Please consult physicians/veterinarians, and/or other trustworthy science-based sources for advice on human and animal dietary questions.

Hope this was helpful to some!

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