An Anatomical Guide to Poultry Wings- Wing Tips, Wingettes + Drumettes

August 19, 2021

An anatomical guide to poultry wings
If you are a raw feeding pet parent, chances are you may have stumbled across this post because you keep hearing the terms wingette or drumette being used when discussing raw meaty bones, but you have absolutely no idea what that means.

To make things a smidge less complicated for you, I broke down the difference between wing tips, wing flats/wingettes, and wing drumettes (this is applicable to all poultry wings, including, but not limited to chicken wings, duck wings, turkey wings, goose wings etc...). Now, when people start recommending you only feed the wing tip or to avoid feeding the wingette/drumette, you will know exactly what they are referring to!


image of chicken wing tip
Wing tips are the outer margin of a bird's wings; it is the smallest bit at the very end of a wing. Wing tips contain very little meat and are made up primarily of skin, bone, & cartilage. You can easily separate the wing tip from the rest of the wing by slicing through the joint that connects the wing tip to the "wing flat" or "wingette." 


image of chicken flap or chicken wingette
Wing flats or wingettes are the middle portion of the bird's wing. Wingettes are typically easy to find at your local grocery stores because they are often used to make barbecue wings. Wingettes contain more meat & bone than wing tips, are typically "flat" in shape, and they are covered in skin. To separate a wingette from a wing tip and drumette, slice through the joints on either end of your wingette.


image of chicken wing drumette or chicken drumette
Wing drumettes are the meatiest portion of the entire wing and resemble drumsticks. Wing drumettes contain skin, meat, cartilage, & bone and they can easily be found at your local grocery stores because they are also often used to make barbecue wings. To separate a drumette from a wingette, slice through the joint and skin at the base of your drumette, that connects it to the wing flat.


To learn more about the bone content in poultry wings, see my Raw Meaty Bone Percentage Spreadsheet!

Hope this was helpful to some!

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