Raw Bowl- Eggs Benedogt

March 3, 2021


🐖 Pork Loin
🟠 Butternut Squash (cooked)
🍳 Egg
🌱 Parsley

⚠️ This is NOT a representation of a balanced meal. While all of Nolo’s meals are balanced following NRC guidelines, certain cuts & supplements from his daily meal were used to create a fun, eye catching presentation. The remaining portion of his balanced meal will be fed later in the day!

A few weeks ago I shared a messy bowl Monday plate & said stay tuned for the “before”. Y’all thought that was a typo, but it wasn’t (lol).

It turned into a messy plate after I realised the eggs were going to be too hot to serve to Nolo. So I dumped all his cold & partially frozen meat over top to cool it down faster! 

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