April 2021 Meal Prep

March 31, 2021


🐖 Pork Tenderloin
👅 Pork Tongue
🦆 Duck Heads + Necks
🐑 Lamb Heart
🐄 Beef Liver
🫁 Beef Lungs
🐟 Atlantic Mackerel
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🥬 Brussel Sprouts (boiled)
💊 Supplements to be added w/ daily meals to balance to NRC recommended allowances

So far, prepping 1-2 weeks worth of food at a time takes me about 15-20mins, as opposed to taking 1.5-2hrs to prep 30 days worth! 

I do not understand this sorcery either, but I will not question it...

Since I have 2 freezers full of meat, I’ve been trying to utilise what I already have on hand. Because of that, I only spent $15.92 (pre-tax) on the remaining cuts I needed. Everything else I already had stocked in my freezer from past orders & grocery hauls.

💰 In total, it cost $45.12 for everything I needed for 12 days worth of food for a 33lb Nolito.

‼️ Price does not include tax or cost of supplements!

🐖 Most Expensive cut this month: Pork Loin $12.56 (pre-tax)

🐄 Least Expensive: Beef Liver $0.79 (pre-tax)

⚖️ Nolo is fed based on kcal requirements & meeting NRC RAs, not based on total weight of meats. I do not use the estimate of 19oz ≈ 1000kcal because I know the exact number of calories being fed.

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