Raw Bowl- Meal Fit for a Pupper King

December 21, 2020


🥩 Lean Ground Beef
🐮 Beef Liver
🦃 Turkey Gizzard
🐔 Chicken Feet
🐓 Chicken Heart
🐟 Smelt
🦪 Green Lipped Mussel
🟠 Butternut Squash (cooked)
🍚 Quinoa (cooked)
🩸 Myoglobin Paw
🐐 Raw Goat’s Milk Paw
🍓🍌 Strawberry, Blueberries, Raspberry, Banana
🐝 Bee Pollen
💊 Vitamin D, Omega-3 + Kelp

🐩 Some additions included in Nolo’s meals are not necessary to meet his nutritional requirements, but are beneficial to his overall health & are rotated into his weekly feeding schedule. 

⚠️ All raw/cooked puppy meals are nutritionally balanced and were put together by a licensed pet nutritionist, following NRC guidelines, to meet Nolo’s specific dietary needs. Please consult your vet before switching your pup’s food and be sure to verify you are meeting all nutrient requirements for your furry friend.

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