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December 14, 2020

When feeding your pet a species appropriate, balanced raw diet, finding all-natural treats & chews sort of comes with the territory. And while many may be familiar with traditional single-ingredient dehydrated meats for training sessions, why not go for something more unconventional, to satisfy your fur baby's seemingly insatiable need to chomp down on your furniture!

I really love picking up treats and chews that some people may view as weird because not only is it creating an opportunity to utilise all useable parts of an animal, that would otherwise be discarded, but they can also offer various nutrients & some, much needed, mental stimulation. 

For example, parts with fur/feathers still attached (like ears, tails, snouts, whole prey etc...) can be a great source of fiber & manganese. Fiber in a diet can help bulk up the stool, cleans out the GI tract as it passes through the digestive system and does a great job of expressing the anal glands, naturally, as it exits the body. While other bits containing cartilage (like tracheas) can be factored into daily muscle meat requirements, if fed regularly, though I like to treat them like nature's kong. I like to stuff things like beef trachea, with part of Nolo's breakfast and then I stick them in the freezer before feeding, and that will keep him occupied for almost an hour!

Below, I've shared a few fun chews & treats that I currently have stocked in my freezer:
Dehydrated Beef Snout w/ Fur
Dehydrated Beef Ears w/ Fur
Dehydrated Beef Trachea

Other items I purchased in the same order, but did not include closeups of:
Dehydrated Rabbit Feet & Ears w/ Fur
Dehydrated Green Lipped Mussels
Dehydrated Lamb Tongues
Dehydrated Pheasant Jerky
Dehydrated Green Beef Tripe Chips

I purchased all of these items from one of my favourite raw feeding supplier sites- Raw Feeding Miami (click "HERE" if you'd like to use my referral link to SAVE 15% off your FIRST order). 

What are some of your favourite natural treats & chews to feed your babies? 

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