The Cutest Ceramic Planters

October 13, 2017

Since I've recently gone overboard with ordering succulents and house plants, obviously I needed something to put them in, right! But I honestly was not in the mood to drive all the way back to Home Depot to pick up more pots, that I would then have to paint white, and wait for them to dry before I could decide if it needed a second coat of paint (bc I need white pots bc aesthetic bc I'm extra...), meanwhile my plants are all sprawled out with no pot, looking all half-dead and homeless.

So what do I do instead?! Well yo girl gets on Amazon (bc Amazon prime is the hookup, and since I'm paying for it, I might as well use it!) and I try looking up little cute planters. But honestly, that just gave me an even bigger headache because it can be so hard trying to find reasonably priced, good quality items online, and I always struggle especially if there aren't enough reviews or reviews WITH PHOTOS (these are imperative when shopping online!!). But after literally about an hour of going back and forth, I finally settled on ordering a set of planters, and because I am actually very happy with the quality and look of them, I just wanted to share this little treasure with you guys (in case anyone else is in desperate need of some cute planters).

So the planters I picked out are Ceramic Japanese Style Serial succulent pots sold by T4U on Amazon  (yeah idk, that's literally the name listed). They may not be the cheapest pots out there, but I basically paid $40 ($39.93 to be more accurate) for 8 little planters, which works out to be about $5/planter, if you use the rounded price.

I didn't mind paying the $40 because it had everything I was looking for- a nice drainage hole and a saucer (that was super important to me because that's usually how they get you with these online sales, no drainage hole in your pot or nothing included for catching that excess water). I guess the only downside is the actual size of each planter (8 x 8 x 6cm / 3.15 x 3.15 x 2.35inch (L x W x H)). I was fine with the size because I only needed these pots for my little succulents, but if you're wanting to plant something bigger, then these may not be the planters for you.

As you can see, these little guys were packaged quite well (I was actually so surprised by this!)- nothing arrived broken or chipped. Each pot was securely wrapped and packed in the styrofoam, so this was an immediate plus in my mind. 

Something that also surprised me was the fact that they also included 8 little mesh bits (what you would typically place over a pot's drain hole to stop the soil from just falling through) for each planter. I found that to be so thoughtful!

I've since gone ahead and potted my plants in these guys and I am super happy with them so far. Obviously as my plants get bigger, I will need to pop them out and transplant them into bigger containers, but for the time being, these pots will do!

I hope this was helpful in any way, shape, or form. Do let me know what your favourite planter bits to purchase online are!


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