Marlow's Tavern

October 18, 2017

Hi my loves! This should come as no surprise, but I have yet another little foodie-find to share! So I recently passed by Marlow's Tavern, and I've only ever dined there once before (like 2 years ago), so I decided to pop in and have a bite. 

In case you're not familiar, Marlow's claims to offer "The Best of the Best" in American tavern fare, aiming to serve elevated versions of classic dishes we may all know and love. The restaurant, itself, also gives off a very cozy "bar feel" so if you look for that neighbourhood-pub feel when dining out, you might quite like Marlow's Tavern. 

If I can remember correctly, I think the last time I ate at Marlow's, I tried one of their Classic Tavern Burgers; and I don't recall being unhappy with it. But this time around, I wanted to have a go at their starters, mainly because one shrimp dish in particular, caught my eye!

Altogether, we tried their Flatbread of the day, an order of their Hot & Sweet Wings, and their "AB" Style Firecracker Shrimp dish.

Their handcrafted flatbreads are prepared daily with fresh, local ingredients, so it's not necessarily the same mix of "toppings" every time you visit (I was told that they change their Flatbread offered, every Tuesday, so you'll only see the same one for a week before they switch it out). This time around, ours was topped with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, and drizzle of balsamic vinegar (kind of reminiscent of a caprese salad- so a caprese style flatbread). It was absolutely delicious! It was light and fresh, the bread was still nice and crisp, offering a nice crunch with every bite. And I am someone who typically shies away from anything paired with vinegar, but this flatbread was so yummy that I actually did not mind the balsamic vinegar one bit!

The Hot & Sweet Wings were also quite the treat. We ordered half classic buffalo style and the other half was coated in honey mustard sauce. I am not the biggest meat lover out there, so for me, this dish didn't really blow my mind or anything, but the meat was tender and the sauces were pretty good. The thing that really sold me on this dish (completely unexpectedly) was the house-made gorgonzola dressing; OH MY GOSH, so heavenly! I want to smother every salad I ever eat, every carrot, every celery stalk, every vegetable, every whatever else, IN THAT DRESSING! It was that good!

Then for the dish I was most excited to try, their "AB" Style Firecracker Shrimp- this was honestly the bomb! So this dish consisted of tempura fried shrimp with red bell peppers, peperoncini (an Italian chili), sweet chili and their cracklin’ spicy sauce. The shrimp was cooked to perfection, with the tempura batter having the perfect amount of crispness. Everything in this dish was a win for me, except by the end of it, I started realising how much I would have preferred to have less of that cracklin' spicy sauce because it swallowed the other elements of the dish and started making the crispy tempura go a bit soggy. 

As for dessert, even though we were a bit stuffed, I really wanted to try their crème brûlée, so we ended up with an order of the Classic Crème Brûlée and their Pot de Crème Chocolate Pudding. The crème brûlée was delicious, there were just a lot of unmelted sugar grains, but that's something I could easily overlook. The real disappointment of the evening, however, was the Pot de Crème Chocolate Pudding. It looked stunning, but oh my gosh, I have never been cat-fished so hard in my life!

So this dessert consisted of a house-made chocolate pudding, topped with chocolate sauce, salted caramel whipped cream and a shortbread cookie. The chocolate pudding by itself may be palatable, but I don't know what Marlow's definition of "salted caramel" is, but what we got is whipped cream with chocolate sauced drizzled over top of it, A TON of salt lining the surface area of the chocolate pudding, and an alright cookie peeking out to say hello. The dessert was literally wayyy too salty to even try to finish! I was so disappointed. I guess now I know what to stay away from next time I'm there.

Have any of you ever been to Marlow's Tavern? What was your experience like? What should I try next?


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