March 30, 2017

Hey hey heyyy! It feels so good to finally get back into the groove of things and if you're still clueless as to why I've been MIA recently, then check out my last post (linked here). I wanted to kick things off with a prom/homecoming/formal/whatever-appropriate makeup look. I've been obsessing over this colour combination for weeks now, so naturally, I decided to make a post about it.

Now before you go any further, I just want to throw out this little disclaimer. While I do use the Morphe Awesome Blossom palette for this look, it's honestly only because I didn't have any shadows in my collection that were close enough to the particular colours I chose to use. And I know I shared my thoughts on these mini palettes in an old post (linked here), but my opinion on the actual quality of the shadows hasn't changed. I did find the colours in the Awesome Blossom palette to be the most eye-catching and while my end result didn't disappoint me, there were still a few drawbacks.

The gorgeous reddened maroon/cherry red shadow was not as pigmented as I hoped it would be. After trying this look multiple times I finally figured out the perfect method to really get a decent colour pay off. The first method would just be to pack on the shadow onto your lids with your fingers, then blend it out with your brush and just keep repeating this until you get the desired effect (this is what I literally did the first time I used this eyeshadow because no matter what brush I used, there was never enough pigment). But then you run into the issue of this eyeshadow blending away into a very faint hue the more you work the brush onto the lids. My second method of application (one I discovered on accident) and the method that I currently use, is using my BH Cosmetics 105 pencil brush to pack on and lightly blend the shadow. I don't know why this is the only brush that really gives me the look I want, but it just is and I accept that. This colour does tend to stain lightly coloured brushes as well as your eye lids, but such is the case for many shadows in this colour family.

Now onto the blue duochrome shadow. I had such high hopes for this shadow because it really is a gorgeous colour. While the pigmentation is very much present, this eyeshadow can be a bit chunky when packing it onto the lid. If you can get past that then it really isn't too bad of a shadow. There are also a lot of similar shadows and pigments out there that give a very similar effect as this duochrome shade.

- MAC blue brown pigment
- MakeupGeek Insomnia
- Colourpop Bae
- Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette ("Definer" shade)

Also worth noting is the longevity of these eyeshadows. Every time that I've used the shadows I have always paired them with a primer (either my Nars eyeshadow primer or my Lorac one) and each time they end up creasing on me and fading after 2hrs or so (mainly the cherry red shadow). So while I may not recommend this particular palette, especially if you're shopping around for one for your prom/dance, I just wanted to give you guys some inspiration using what was readily available to me, especially since I wanted to stay on the affordable side.

With all of that out of the way now, keep on scrolling if you're interested in product lists as well as a tutorial. Hope you enjoy! :)




Primer: Lorac Behind the Scenes Eye Primer (this & the Nars primer are the only 2 that actually keep my shadows on all day. Nothing else works for my oily lids!!)
Eyeshadow: all from Morphe- Awesome Blossom palette
Liquid Liner: Jordana Fabuliner
Eyelash Primer: Lancome CILS Booster XL  (literally the only one I have, but ANY primer would do)
Mascara: Marc Jacobs- Velvet Noir Major Volume (only one I have left, all my drugstore mascaras have dried up :/ )


Lipstick: Milani- Teddy Bare (lightly dapped, did not swipe across the lips)
Gloss: Lancome Juicy Tube- Spring Fling (any clear gloss will do)


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