March 22, 2017

Hi my loves! It's been a while since I was back on here posting frequently. I was actually a bit proud of myself a couple months ago for my "consistency" and keeping up with posting in general, but it looks like I've dropped the ball once again (oops!).

These last few months have been pretty hectic for me and, at first, I was managing to still push content out, whether it be in the form of a blog post or a fun little makeup video, but as it got closer and closer to the holidays, it progressively got more and more difficult for me to carve out any time to spend on the things I enjoy most.

I recently got a job and because the holidays were peeking around the corner, I got wayyy more hours than usual (aka the sole reason I haven't had time to breathe). This obviously excited me at first (because more hours = more $$$...duhh), but to be quite frank, that excitement wore off REALLLL QUICK when I realised what I was in store for.

Now generally, I would like to think I am a fairly decent human being, especially in a work setting because knowing myself, I am very kind to people I like (this kindness also extends to strangers because hey...I don't know you, you don't know haven't given me any particular reason to dislike you, hence I will kill you with kindness), but my inner savage does tend to pop up from time to time- when summoned. With that being said, if you ever have the unfortunate opportunity to be on the receiving end of this not-so-kind version of Hannah, or your lasting impression of me is not positive, then it is MORE THAN LIKELY that I am 100% not fond of you either (just because one may TOLERATE another, it DOES NOT equate to one LIKING another!). I only mention this because I truly just want to emphasise the fact that I am nothing but respectful and pleasant in my work environment (something many co-workers can vouch for), but y'all, working in retail has exposed me to a whole other level in hell that I didn't even know existed!

I've always heard horror stories about "working in retail", but I could never fully comprehend the struggle...BUT NO NEED TO FEAR, I COMPLETELY GET IT NOW!

It's not even that I consider my job "hard" it's just that people can make it quite difficult at times. I never expected to find myself working with grown ass women acting as if they're still in primary school! The level of greediness, pettiness, disrespect, sneakiness, spitefulness, LITERALLY ALL THE  NEGATIVE NESS-ES, bottled up in these grown ass ladies is mind-boggling. I have a bad habit of tending to expect better from people, but sadly, I've been rudely awakened. Sometimes in life, when people show you who they really are, believe them. I know it may seem like a corny punchline, but I've learned the hard way, so don't be as na├»ve as I was (I guess that can be a takeaway from this long 'ole post).

From working in retail so far, I basically realised that you can't trust anyone; everyone is only looking out for themselves, willing to say and do anything for their commission. It's also important to remember that everything you hear should be taken with a grain of salt (I can't even count how many times I've heard 3 different versions of the same story). Point blank, if I don't see it, I don't necessarily believe it, but of course it's always best to simply smile and nod. I've found it safest to offer ears rather than an opinion because too often, words gets mixed up when everyone starts playing telephone.

The "Notes" section of my phone has now become my most-used app because I've realised- the more detailed and precise the evidence, the stronger the case. And this may seem like an out of place blanket statement to make, but GIRRRLLL, it ain't. When you get to the point that I am now at, you realise that there is no level these people will not stoop to. Case and point: there is a particular employee (let's just call them Voldemort) that just cannot seem to follow a single rule or policy set in place by the company we work for, and after months of being trapped in the toxic environment this person has created, we're all pretty much fed up. I mean things have gotten to the point where none of us really look forward to coming in to work if we know Voldemort is on the schedule too. And management has already addressed the Dark Lord, but I guess playing stupid is more fun for them (can you feel my frustration oozing through the screen right now). If only I could just go all in on this dark wizard right now, I truly would, but yo girl needs to keep her job for a little longer so.... :) let's just sit this right here and leave it all up to God (#teampetty).


Now I wish I had whipped up something quite prophetic to wrap this all up, but I didn't. I just really needed an outlet to filter out these harboured feelings. I'm actually quite proud of myself for remaining so composed (mostly due to fear that my employer MAY run into this if someone took the time to even google my name- lol!). Maybe one day after I quit I'll just upload a carefree rant and really unleash the savage, but until then, I'll just leave you with this hefty ole' post. Thanks for listening!


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