Cafe Alsace

June 15, 2016 Decatur, GA, USA

Hi my loves! So I've been waiting to share this foodie-find with you all and finally the time has come where I can slap this post together! 

I've been to Cafe Alsace a handful of times now (maybe more than 5 times at this point) and I can say, without a doubt, they have some of the best French cuisine in my area. The flavours are authentic and the feel of the restaurant offers a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere. I've never been to a restaurant quite like this one before because they offer this very "French Casual" feel; though quite different and new to me, I've grown to love it!

But enough of my jabber, on to the good stuff- THE FOOD! On this particular evening, we had a go at the Escargots for an appetizer. They were baked to perfection in a garlic and parsley butter, and paired with a few slices of baguette. I was quite content with this appetizer, it was delicious! My only query is if they could offer more than just 6 pieces because before I knew it, the escargots had vanished.

For our main dishes, I had the Veal Cordon Bleu and Jordan ordered Boeuf Wellington. All main courses are served with a salad, with a choice of 3 possible dressings- Balsamic, Fig-Honey, and Peppercorn. I've tried all 3 and I have to say, the Fig-Honey dressing is absolutely divine! It has to be my favourite of the 3. But enough about the salad dressings, on to my main course! :)

This was my second time trying the Veal Cordon Bleu and I loved it even more than the first time! The meat was perfectly cooked and stuffed with a bit of Prosciutto and Emmental cheese (this is a yellow Swiss cheese with quite a mild taste. It's absolutely delicious!). The Veal was also lightly breaded and bathed in a mouthwatering cream sauce. There was also a bit of potato gratin on the side, which I absolutely loved (I just about order any dish that has potato gratin on the side). I think I would probably keep ordering this dish until I grew sick of it. As for the Boeuf Wellington, Jordan enjoyed it very much. The meat was tender and full of flavour, though he prefers his meat a tad less pink. 

For dessert we tried their homemade Mousse au chocolat and the homemade Honey-Lavender Ice-Cream with Meringue. For starters, the chocolate mousse is so heavenly!! The mousse is so rich, yet light and airy at the same time. It's also not too sweet, but perfectly balanced. For all you chocolate lovers out there, this would be quite the treat (I'm not even that big of a fan of chocolate, but I enjoyed this so much). As for the ice-cream and meringue, the texture was lovely. All of their homemade ice-creams are very smooth and creamy, and loaded with tons of flavour (my favourite is their raspberry, but I haven't seen it in such a long time. It must have just been a special :( ). The honey-lavender flavour was a bit strong at first, but after a few bites, my palate had adjusted to the sweetness and became familiar with the marriage of lavender with honey. I do admit it was a bit strange at first, but I grew to enjoy it. 

But all in all, this was yet another satisfying trip down to Cafe Alsace. I left 10lbs heavier, but I would gladly do it all again because the food was worth it!

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