Brick Store Pub

June 8, 2016

Hello again my loves! I thought I should hop on here and share a cool little foodie-find I stumbled across not too long ago. A while back, I visited Brick Store Pub to grab some lunch and I was pleasantly surprised. I'd never dined here before so I wasn't too sure whether or not I'd fully enjoy one of their meals, but their reviews all seemed to praise the establishment so I thought it may be worth the shot.

We started off with their Charcuterie Board which consisted of PSM Beechwood Speck, PSM Coppa, PSM Country Ham (the PSM just stands for Pine Street Market if I'm not mistaken. Probably where they get their meats...), and we paired it with Bucherondin (goat cheese). While the meats were quite delicious, I will admit, though I am adventurous with food and I'll try anything at least once, I was not a fan of the Bucherondin. I'd never had goat cheese before, so this was quite the experience for me. However, I will say this much, though I'm not it's biggest fan currently, I would be willing to try it a few more times (you know, give it another chance...maybe...). I won't completely write it off just yet. 

But enough about goat cheese! The main dishes were hands down delicious! I had Pierogi Primavera and Jordan ordered the Fish & Chips. We also had their Field Green Salad and that was quite good as well. 

This was my second time trying a pierogi dish and I must say, I'm in love! The pierogi was filled with potato and cheese, and those little dumplings were so tasty. The parmesan cream was also the perfect compliment because it made every bite heavenly. I'm usually not the biggest fan of zucchini in a dish because it's often just soggy and bland, but in my Pierogi Primavera, it couldn't be more perfect (I'm salivating just thinking about this dish)! Jordan was also quite content with his Fish & Chips. I tried a bit of it (of course it did not rival the pierogi) and the remoulade that was paired with it was so delicious! The sauce elevated the simple dish.

All in all, I will most definitely be visiting Brick Store Pub again to see if their other dishes live up to the Pierogi Primavera. 

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