Jennifer Lopez- Ain't Your Mamma | Inspired Makeup

May 18, 2016

Hello lovelies! So today I have another inspired makeup look for you all, but this time it's based on one of JLo's looks from her recent music video- "Ain't Your Mamma." When I saw her makeup in this video, I was immediately inspired to create something similar because she looked so gorgeous and flawless!

Of course, I put my own little spin on it, but hey, that's why it is merely an inspired look after all! :) I also filmed a little tutorial which will be linked at the end of this video, if you care to know how I achieved this look. So without further adieu, keep on scrolling to see the affordable products I used for this look!


*see tutorial at the end of this post for exact shades used from palettes*
In My Crease: mixture of 2 shades; Morphe 350M (Matte Palette)
Outer Corner: dark brown; Morphe 350M (Matte Palette)


*JLo's nude lip is more on the brown side, mine turned out a bit more pink*


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