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May 13, 2016

I ventured out to a local Thai/Malaysian Restaurant in my area and I thought it would be something worth sharing since I enjoyed the food so much. This is my third time dining at Top Spice and I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised with myself. In the past, I've tried Thai food and found that I wasn't the biggest fan of it, so when I was first introduced to Top Spice, I ventured in there under the assumption that I may not like what they have to offer. 

Having already tried some of their dinner specials, this time around, I visited the restaurant during lunch hours. To start, I had some of their vegetable soup, which was quite nice (I'm a huge fan of most soups!). Then I went on to try their Satay Beef, which was absolutely delicious, and their peanut sauce complimented it perfectly. And for the main dishes, I tried their Broccoli w/ Beef and the Daging Nyonya. I enjoyed the Broccoli w/ Beef very much because it was also served with sautéed mushrooms (I absolutely LOVE mushrooms!!), and as for the Daging Nyonya, it was also quite lovely, but because it is a deep fried dish, it's not something I would order repeatedly. Though delicious, it was a bit too fatty for my liking. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the food Top Spice had to offer and I will most certainly be paying them another visit. 

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