Las Cuevas Bay

August 14, 2015 Las Cuevas, Trinidad

So yesterday I took a trip down to yet another beach (who would've thought I would ever do such a thing during the summer... whilst in the Caribbean?). This time, we headed for Las Cuevas Bay. I'd never been to this particular beach before, but I enjoyed it much more than I had initially anticipated.

Las Cuevas is about 9 km away from Maracas Bay, but it seems to be a lot less crowded than Maracas a majority of the time. No one really "flocks" to this beach per say, but I'm glad (more beach for us). Las Cuevas extends for a couple of kilometers, though the majority of visitors stay closest to the right side of the beach (by the entrance and bathrooms) from what I observed.

We situated ourselves quite the distance away from everyone else. There was quite a bit of dense greenery lining the expanse of the beach, so that provided the perfect amount of shade and coolness (because the Sun came out with a vengeance that day. The sand was on fyahh!). 

It took a few Cokes and a single Sprite (for myself of course) before everyone was "settled," then it was on to the snacking before we dipped our toes in the water (which felt really good against the scorching heat).

Of course there was the usual assortment of kettle cooked chips, but for me, the good stuff was a bowl of chow and  some candies I bought at the Lookout on our way up.

In the islands, chow is just adding salt and pepper (and garlic or seasoning if you want) to a bowl of fruits. People usually use green plums and half ripe mangoes (like we used here), but you can use just about anything: cucumbers, chenette, pineapple and the list just goes on and on... 
The colourful candies are called Kaiser Balls (not a fan of those) and the red ones are Tomato Balls.
These gummies are my absolute favourite!
After "snack time" I just soaked in the breeze and the view.

When the Sun managed to sneak behind a few clouds we went on a little walk up the beach (I say "little" but we almost walked the entire length of Las Cuevas. That was my cardio for the month!).

Far down the left side of the shore, leatherbacks are known for nesting there. We stumbled upon a nest that looked like the babies had recently hatched (I hope) and we also saw "fin prints" (see what I did there?) from what seemed like it must've been a turtle coming up to nest. But aside from those momentary excitements, there was so much natural beauty.

I couldn't resist! 

By the time we got back from our walk it was time to head home, but not so fast, I still have a few gorgeous shots up my sleeve. On our way back we stopped to take-in the view of Maracas Bay and of course I took full advantage.

This overly hyper little guy didn't want to leave our side.

Well there you have it! That's how I spent my Thursday (I'm still currently trying to catch up on my sleep). I must say, I've come to prefer Las Cuevas to Maracas because I feel like you have more room to yourself (everyone isn't on top of each other), but let me know what you think if you've visited either beach. I'm eager to know.

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