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August 11, 2015

As promised, here's a (visual) rundown of what I did last Saturday. In keeping with the "touristy" theme of my vacation, I found myself at Maracas Bay for the day. Of course (as usual) Mother Nature was basically like "eff you" because the weather was far from perfect, but we still managed to make the most of the trip. As usual, my main focus was capturing everything on camera (as long as it didn't get wet). 

I didn't find the water to be most inviting (but that's just me, everyone else enjoyed it). My favourite part of the day was probably scarfing down a Bake and Shark (you're probably like "sh... shark!" girl whattttt?!?!" It's not as scary as it sounds. I promise. To me, it just tastes like fish). 

Overall, it was a day filled with light drizzles, laughter, good food and a long drive home, but who wouldn't want to do it all again?!

Driving up 
View from the Lookout 
BEHOLD! Ladies and gents, this is a Bake and Shark.

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