Puppy- December 2021 Meal Prep

December 27, 2022


🐄 Beef Spleen
🐮 Beef Liver
🥩 Lean Ground Beef
🐦 Pheasant Feet
🐑 Lamb Heart
🥒 Zucchini (boiled)
💊 Supplements to be added w/ daily meals to balance to NRC recommended allowances

🇧🇷 Uma preparação de 14 dias para meu filhote levou 30 minutos para ser concluída e custou $28.08. O item mais caro foi a tripa verde $8.69 e o item mais barato foi o fígado de boi $1.06.

🇫🇷 Une préparation de 14 jours pour mon chiot a pris 30 minutes à compléter et a coûté 28,08$. Le plus cher était la tripe verte 8,69$ et le moins cher était le foie de boeuf 1,06$.

🇪🇸 Una preparación de 14 días para mi perro tardó 30 minutos en completarse y costó $28.08. El artículo más caro fue la tripa verde $8.69 y el artículo más barato fue el hígado de res $1.06.


⏱ 14 day prep (900kcal) took around 30mins

💰 Total cost: $28.08
Cost per day≈ $2.00

‼️ Price does not include tax or cost of supplements!

🐄 Most Expensive item for the month: Green Beef Tripe $8.69

🐮 Least Expensive: Beef Liver $1.06

⚖️ My dogs are fed based on kcal requirements & meeting NRC RAs, not based on total weight of meats. I do not follow a ratio diet.


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