Raw Bowl- Start Adding Blueberries in Your Dog's Bowl

November 7, 2022


🐓 Boneless Chicken Thighs
🐔 Chicken Hearts
ðŸŪ Beef Liver
ðŸĢ Salmon
ðŸ–Ī Chia Seeds (ground)
ðŸĨŽ Cabbage (boiled)
ðŸŦ Blueberries
🐝 Bee Pollen
ðŸĨ’ Cucumber
ðŸĶī Bone Broth
ðŸĶŸ Bug Off- Herbal Supplement
💊 Manganese, Zinc + Kelp

(this is part of my dog's daily meal; some items were fed earlier in the day)

ðŸĐ Some additions included in the boys’ meals are not necessary to meet their nutritional requirements, but are beneficial to their overall health & are rotated into their weekly feeding schedule. 

⚠️ All raw/cooked meals are balanced following NRC guidelines & my dogs’ specific dietary needs. Please consult your vet before switching your pet’s food & be sure to verify you are meeting all nutrient requirements for your furry friend.


ðŸŦ Blueberries are amongst my favourite additions to my dog’s meal because they contain a large number of phytochemicals, including anthocyanin pigments.

ðŸ§Ŧ Studies associate regular, moderate intake of blueberries/anthocyanins with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, improved weight maintenance and neuroprotection.

🧎 Their anti-inflammatory + antioxidant actions, and beneficial effects on vascular + glucoregulatory function have implications in the aging process, and degenerative diseases/conditions.

ðŸ‘Đ‍🔎 Phenolics found in blueberries also make them great antioxidants. Oxidative damage from free radicals plays an important role in several diseases- cancer being one. Research suggests that dogs fed blueberries (or other antioxidant rich foods) may be better protected against oxidative damage.


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