Raw Bowl- Nolo's Breakfast

September 19, 2022


🐦 Freeze-Dried Pheasant Head
🍳 Duck Egg
🦆 Duck Neck
🥩 Lean Ground Beef
🐄 Beef Liver
🫀 Beef Heart
🦃 Lean Ground Turkey
🍚 Quinoa (cooked)
🍠 Sweet Potato (cooked)
🥬 Kale (puréed)
💊 Kelp, Zinc + Omega-3

🇧🇷 cabeça de faisão, ovo de pato, pescoço de pato, carne moída, fígado bovino, coração de boi, peru moído magro, quinoa (cozida), batata doce (cozida), couve, caldo de osso, kefir, pólen de abelha, alga marinha, zinco + ômega-3

🇫🇷 tête de faisan, œuf de canard, cou de canard, bœuf haché, foie de bœuf, cœur de bœuf, dinde hachée maigre, quinoa (cuit), patate douce (cuit), chou frisé, bouillon d'os, kéfir, pollen d'abeille, varech, zinc + oméga-3

🇪🇸 cabeza de faisán, huevo de pato, cuello de pato, carne molida, hígado de res, corazón de res, pavo magro molido, quinoa (cocida), camote (cocido), col rizada, caldo de huesos, kéfir, polen de abeja, algas marinas, zinc + omega-3


🐩 Some additions included in the boys’ meals are not necessary to meet their nutritional requirements, but are beneficial to their overall health & are rotated into their weekly feeding schedule. 

⚠️ All raw/cooked meals are balanced following NRC guidelines & my dogs’ specific dietary needs. Please consult your vet before switching your pet’s food & be sure to verify you are meeting all nutrient requirements for your furry friend.


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