Raw Bowl- Beef Trachea Rings

March 29, 2022

nrc balanced raw meal, raw fed dogs


🐓 Chicken Feet
🐖 Pork Loin
🐄 Beef Trachea
🐮 Beef Liver
👁 Beef Eyeball
👅 Beef Tongue
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🍣 Salmon
🥬 Spinach (boiled)
🖤 Chia Seeds (ground)
💊 Zinc, Vitamin E + Kelp

raw feeding miami sliced beef trachea
raw feeding miami cubed raw alaskan salmon
raw feeding miami raw beef eyeball, cow eye, white oak pasture sliced beef tongue
steamed mussels, raw fed dogs

🇧🇷 Pé de galinha, Lombo de porco, Traqueia bovina, Bife de fígado, Olho de carne, Língua de boi, Mexilhões (cozidos no vapor), Salmão, Espinafre (cozido), Sementes de chia (terra), Zinco, Algas + Vitamina E

🇫🇷 Pattes de poulet, Longe de porc, Trachée de bœuf, Foie de bœuf, Oeil de bœuf, Langue de bœuf, Moules (cuites à la vapeur), Saumon, Épinards (bouillis), Graines de chia (moulues), Zinc, Varech + Vitamine E

🇪🇸 Patas de pollo, Lomo de cerdo, Tráquea de res, Hígado de res, Ojos de res, Lengua de res, Mejillones (al vapor), Salmón, Espinacas (hervidas), Semillas de chía (molida), Zinco, Algas + Vitamina E


🐩 Some additions included in the boys’ meals are not necessary to meet their nutritional requirements, but are beneficial to their overall health & are rotated into their weekly feeding schedule.
⚠️ All raw/cooked meals are balanced following NRC guidelines & meet the boys’ specific dietary needs. Please consult your vet before switching your pup’s food and be sure to verify you are meeting all nutrient requirements for your furry friend.

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