Raw Bowl- Messy Bowl Monday for Nolo & Bobo

July 19, 2021

Here’s a look at a typical meal for my boys. You’re probably used to seeing the pretty fruits & supplements in their bowls, but I wasn’t kidding when I said those are not fed everyday. It’s nice to take a break throughout the week. The bowl pics I usually post are their more “interesting”/colourful meals & not indicative of what gets fed every single day!


🐄 Beef Kidney
🥩 Beef Chuck
👅 Beef Tongue
🫁 Beef Lung
🐓 Chicken Wings
🦃 Turkey Gizzard
🐑 Lamb Liver
🫀 Lamb Heart
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🥬 Spinach (boiled)
🌱 Hemp Hearts (ground)
💊 Omega-3, Vitamins D & E + Kelp


🦃 Lean Ground Turkey
🐄 Beef Liver
🐮 Beef Spleen
🦆 Duck Frames @rawfeedingmiami
🐖 Pork Baby Back Ribs 
🐟 Atlantic Mackerel
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🦪 Oysters (steamed)
🟠 Butternut Squash (boiled)
⚪️ Cauliflower (boiled)
💊 Flaxseed Oil, Kelp + Vitamin E

🇧🇷 Aqui está uma olhada em uma refeição típica para meus filhos. Você provavelmente está acostumado a ver frutas e suplementos bonitos em suas tigelas, mas eu não estava brincando quando disse que eles não são alimentados eso todos os dias. É bom fazer uma pausa durante a semana. As fotos da tigela que posto são suas refeições mais “interessantes”/coloridas e não indicam o que é alimentado todos os dias!

🇫🇷 Voici un aperçu d'un repas typique pour mes garçons. Vous êtes probablement habitué à voir les fruits et suppléments jolis dans leurs bols, mais je ne plaisantais pas quand j'ai dit qu'ils ne sont pas nourris ça tous les jours. C'est bien de faire une pause durant la semaine. Les photos de bol que je publie sont leurs repas les plus «intéressants»/colorés et n'indiquent pas ce qui est nourri chaque jour!

🇪🇸 He aquí un vistazo a una comida típica para mis hijos. Probablemente estés acostumbrado a ver las frutas y suplementos bonitos en sus tazones, pero no estaba bromeando cuando dije que no se alimentan eso todos los días. Es bueno tomarse un descanso durante la semana. ¡Las fotos de tazones que publico son sus comidas más “interesantes”/coloridas y no son indicativas de lo que se alimenta todos los días!


🐩 Some additions included in the boys' meals are not necessary to meet their nutritional requirements, but are beneficial to their overall health & are rotated into his weekly feeding schedule. 

⚠️ All raw/cooked meals are balanced following NRC guidelines & meet the boys' specific dietary needs. Please consult your vet before switching your pup’s food and be sure to verify you are meeting all nutrient requirements for your furry friend.

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