May 2021 Meal Prep

May 26, 2021


🐖 Boar Baby Back Ribs
🥩 Beef Round
🫀Beef Heart
🐮 Beef Liver
🐄 Beef Kidney
🐟 Atlantic Mackerel
🦪 Oysters (steamed)
🐚 Mussels (steamed)
🥬 Spinach (puréed)
🍚 Quinoa (cooked)
💊 Supplements to be added w/ daily meals to balance to NRC recommended allowances

⏱Prepping 14 days worth of food took me about 35mins

💰 In total, it cost $60.43 for everything I needed for 14 days worth of food for a 33lb Nolo (this prep accounted for a higher caloric intake, so there will be a reduction on future preps based on activity level, which would lower the total prep cost)

‼️ Price does not include tax or cost of supplements!

🥩 Most Expensive cut this month: Beef Round $26.12 (pre-tax)

🐄 Least Expensive: Beef Kidney $0.76 (pre-tax)

⚖️ Nolo is fed based on kcal requirements & meeting NRC RAs, not based on total weight of meats. I do not use the estimate of 19oz ≈ 1000kcal because I know the exact number of calories being fed, nor do I follow ratio diets.


🇧🇷 Preparar comida no valor de 14 dias para meu cão adulto de 33 libras, demorou cerca de 35 minutos e custou US $ 60,43 (sem impostos). O item mais caro era a carne bovina em torno de US $ 26,12 e o mais barato era o rim bovino US $ 0,76. Para uma lista completa dos ingredientes usados ​​na preparação desta refeição, verifique o link “Meu Blog” na minha biografia....

🇫🇷 Préparer 14 jours de nourriture pour mon chien adulte de 33 lb m'a pris environ 35 minutes et coûte 60,43 USD (sans taxe). Le produit le plus cher était le bœuf rond 26,12 $ et le moins cher était le rein de bœuf 0,76 $. Pour une liste complète des ingrédients utilisés dans cette préparation de repas, consultez le lien «Mon blog» dans ma bio...

🇪🇸 Preparar 14 días de comida para mi perro adulto de 33 libras, me tomó alrededor de 35 minutos y costó $ 60.43 USD (sin impuestos). El artículo más caro fue la carne de res alrededor de $ 26,12 y el menos costoso fue el riñón de res $ 0,76. Para obtener una lista completa de los ingredientes utilizados en esta preparación de comida, consulte el enlace "Mi blog" en mi biografía...


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