Nolo's 1st Birthday Cake

April 27, 2021

For Nolo's first birthday, I wanted to make him a "raw birthday cake" as a special treat. It was super simple and I only needed a few ingredients! See the ingredients list below...


🥩 Ground Beef
🥛 Plain Greek Yogurt
💧 Filtered Water
🌀Blue Spirulina
🔴 Raspberries
🥬 Puréed Kale


- First, I shaped the ground beef into 2 little patties & set them in the freezer overnight.

- The next morning, I added about 4 tbsps of plain yogurt to a bowl, & added a splash of filter water and mixed them together so the yogurt would be "thinned out" & easier to pour (like icing).

- To that yogurt & water mixture, I sprinkled a tiny amount of blue spirulina as a "natural colourant."

- I then stacked the 2 frozen beef patties & poured my blue yogurt mix over top!

- To top it off, I added some frozen raspberries & a sprinkling of puréed kale.

- Then I stuck it back in the freezer for a few hours before serving!

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