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July 4, 2018

Happy 4th of July for those celebrating! I hope your day has gotten off to a good start and is filled with lots of amazing food and fireworks.

In keeping with the theme of delicious meals, I wanted to share my seared pork chops and carrot agrodolce dish that I made the other day- courtesy of Blue Apron (my last box had 3 recipes included). 
I think this was the most intimidating recipe to-date because of the inclusion of pork chops. I have never cooked pork before and was a little nervous about getting the right cook on this particular protein. But as it turns out, the pork chops turned out beautifully (the instructions were extremely helpful in this instance).

So far, this dish has been my favourite to date, quite literally because of how much I loved the carrots cooked with red wine vinegar and honey (carrot agrodolce. "Agrodolce" being Italian, referring to a traditional sweet & sour sauce- typically reducing vinegar and sugar in a pan), paired with the pork chops. It offered the perfect bit of crunch and a subtle sweetness to each bite; I think this would pair beautifully with any protein, not just the pork chops!

I plan on incorporating this specific element of the dish in others that I whip up in my kitchen; I'm thinking it would go well with some grilled chicken breasts. 

I also enjoyed the brown rice and spinach (it felt very Mediterranean), it kept the dish light and fresh. My only gripe is that I could have done without the inclusion of raisins in the carrot agrodolce, but other than that, everything else was perfect!

Be sure to share if you have ever gotten this recipe in your Blue Apron box! How did you enjoy it? Would you incorporate any of the elements from this dish when preparing future meals? I'd love to know.


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